Self Care – My Pamper Night Routine

Self care is really important to keep you mentally fit and stable as well as relax yourself after a long hard week. Finding time specifically for ones self is not easy so I make sure to plan around my self-care schedule. I plan on writing about the importance on self care soon but for now, to intise you with the idea, I thought I would write about my own pamper night.


Miss MonMon by William Ang

It’s finally Wednesday night, it’s the middle of the week and my partner goes to ‘boys night’ to do a quiz at a pub with friends. I have the whole house to myself. I normally start by drawing myself a bath and put in bath salts, a bath bomb or some sort of oil to make the water extra special. I like to listen to my body and change my bathwater to suit what I think my body needs. If I can’t sleep I add lavender, if I need to wake up I add a bit of citrus which is why I love Lush bathbombs as they are made with specific purposes.

Whilst the bath is filling up I start my pamper skin care routine. I’ll start with my Skinfood Black Sugar Wash off mask and leave that on for 10 minutes. Next I’ll apply a clay mask depending on how much my skin needs a deep clean. The clay mask only needs 15 minutes and I generally slip into the bath right after I wash the clay off my face. I sometimes make the faucet run at a slow pace so I get more time for skin care, I’m not in a rush, it’s self care night after all.

Whilst Im waiting for my masks to do their work on my face, I’ll make myself a cup of tea and also get a glass of water and put that by the bathtub. I’ll light several candles and place them around the bath. Lastly, I’ll put my laptop next to the sink and choose a good movie. I like to go with something light or something that puts me in a really good mood. Having this time means I can watch whatever I want; it can be a documentary, a foreign film or a guilty pleasure.

I then tie my hair up and put a headband on so I don’t get it wet and it doesn’t fall in my face. I’ll also roll up a towel and place it where my head will be. Lastly, I slip into my bath and soak whilst watching the movie. I know I spend way too long in the bath, I always finish my movie. I just love the time I have to myself whilst in the tub.

I always feel so relaxed when I get out. Sometimes I’ll paint my toe nails if I want to give myself a bit of extra love. After my bath I’ll crawl into bed with another cup of tea, read a book and then go to sleep.



Having an evening to myself gives me something to look forward to during the week. I enjoy drinking my tea (sometimes I take in a small snack like a piece of chocolate), I love the way my skin feels after all the oils and salt has soaked in and the movie lets me escape for a few hours.

Self care is essential to feeling mentally fit and improve your self confidence and self esteem. The time also lets me connect with me and find out where I am at in life and where I want to go. If Ive had a bad week, this time gives me space to reflect and make a plan to move onto better things, or if Ive had a good week, it boosts my energy just a little bit more.

If you don’t have a regular self-care routine I encourage you to do so. I look forward to writing about self care soon. But until then, I can hear my bath waiting for me.

Happy soaking!

Much Love

Miss MonMon

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