Jeulia Jewellery​ – Cinderella Earrings and Pendant Review

One of the last steps I take in getting ready for the day is applying my red lipstick and choosing my jewellery. The right necklace, brooch or earrings can really pull an outfit together and give you that little bit of something extra. I don’t have a lot of vintage jewellery which makes choosing an evening accessory a little bit difficult. I recently was contacted by the company Jeulia who make premium artisan jewellery and upon going on their website, I was in absolute sparkle heaven.

Jeulia is a Hong Kong-based premium artisan jewellery company who create unique and beautiful pieces designed to suit many different styles. They value the uniqueness of their customers and believe in quality and creating beautiful memories. Designed and handcrafted in-house at their state-of-the-art studio headquartered in Hong Kong, each beautiful piece is custom-made to be as unique and authentic their customers. True artisanship comes from caring hands, not an assembly line, which is why their workshop always puts quality and customer first. Because of their bespoke approach, each design is tailor-made to evoke an emotional connection while simultaneously ensuring it’s a true representation of whoever is wearing it. From timeless and traditional to bold and modern, they offer countless jewellery options at an accessible price point to meet the needs and tastes of everyone. Also, their jewellery is made from the most environmentally friendly and ethical sources possible.

Choosing my items from Jeulia was so difficult it took me over a week of going back and forth on their website. There were so many beautiful pieces I could have chosen from and so many different collections that spoke to me. I wanted to go for something classic and vintage looking so I could ensure I would get the most wear from it and ended up deciding on the Cinderella Pendant Necklace and the Cinderella Earrings. The items came from their Artemis Collection and were part of their Halo range inspired by luxuries and opulence. I was tempted by many of the rings on their site but I was too worried I’d get the wrong size by accident so I thought a necklace and earrings would be safer.

Cinderella Pendant Necklace 
This sparkling vintage-inspired necklace features a shimmering radiant cut centre stone wrap in a halo frame of round stones. Marquise cut stones and green round stones wrap the centrepiece in a sparkling embrace. Exquisite and unique, this romantic pendant is inspired by Cinderella’s ball and old vintage glamour. This gorgeous pendant features 42 stones, weighs 7gm and measures 19.19mm by 28.07mm and it is worn on a 460mm silver chain. This item retails for $255 (depending on sales/currency conversion).
Item link here. 


Miss MonMon wearing Jeulia jewellery photographed by Hot Pixel.


Miss MonMon wearing Jeulia jewellery photographed by Hot Pixel.

Cinderella Stud Earrings
Each earring features a shimmering radiant cut centre stone wrap in a halo frame of round stones. Marquise cut stones and green round stones wrap the centrepiece in a sparkling embrace. Matching the Cinderella Pendant perfectly, the whole set has a sense of royal charm, elegance, and grace about it. The earrings weigh 7.9gm and measure 16.92mm by 17.06mm and feature 78 stones and have a French clip/omega backing. These earrings retail for $202 (depending on sales/currency conversion).
Item link here.


Miss MonMon wearing Jeulia jewellery photographed by Hot Pixel.


Miss MonMon wearing Jeulia jewellery photographed by Hot Pixel.

Upon the arrival of these items, I was immediately impressed by their beautiful packaging. The items were packaged inside a branded box with matching ribbon and then tucked inside a second custom box with leaflets and information on how to care, their warranty and a mini-catalogue of other designs the company offers. The items came in their own small jewellery cases and were neatly packed inside. They arrived clean, sparkling and stunningly beautiful. They were slightly larger than what I pictured in my mind but once I tried them on they looked really beautiful and elegant.
Having sensitive skin, the items did not cause my skin to react and the earrings were not heavy or uncomfortable. I loved wearing the items and received several compliments. The sparkle and shine was unbelievable! I can definitely see myself wearing these items quite often especially on special occasions. Jeulia also creates custom designs so if you like the style but would prefer a different coloured stone, they can do that for you. The items can be bought separately or together in a bundle for $492.79 (price may vary due to sales). The price is reasonable for the quality and the fact that this is a beautifully designed piece of premium artisan jewellery. As mentioned above, I found it so difficult to choose just one piece as each collection had something special that caught my eye.
The company itself was lovely to work with and were very quick and polite with their communication. Their customer service was excellent and I never felt rushed trying to make a decision (I don’t think it’s ever taken me a week to decide on jewellery before). If you’re in the mood for some new sparkles, need a stunning gift or just want to treat yourself; Jeulia jewellery is a wonderful idea. I honestly felt so beautiful wearing their items that it was hard to stop smiling.
Also, if vintage isn’t your thing, the company also have a wide collection of unique styles including skulls, mermaids and other characters. They also sell men’s items, wedding and engagement rings and charms. I did do a bit of sleuthing to check up other people’s opinions on Jeulia and was saddened to see that they do not offer refunds, only store credit. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Photos by Hot Pixel Photography


**Disclaimer: this is not a paid advert and although goods were received, all opinion expressed are honest, my own and not influenced in any way, shape or form** 

When it came to creating these images, I immediately thought of the 1950’s Dior face veils/hats as they were just so beautifully feminine, powerful and glamorous. The idea was cemented when I rewatched the new Cinderella movie and of course, Cate Blanchette in that green dress, black hat and face veil was EVERYTHING! I thought it would be great to put some of my inspiration images below for reference in case you were keen on using this style for your own portfolio.


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