Monthly Outfit Recap – September

I originally wasn’t going to post an outfit recap for the month of September as I actually only left the house a hand full of days due to just being run off my feet and still needing some time to look after my mental health. Sometimes when my anxiety and depression kick in, I tend to hermit and not go out much but as I was looking for a photo I posted up earlier, I realised that September did have some great moments and of course some outfits to match so why not look back on them. I’d love to know if you have a personal favourite. Enjoy the double blog posts today!



Miss MonMon wears her vintage unicorn, the Betty Draper Dress. Photo by Caitlyn Martin.


Miss MonMon wears Vivien of Holloway Lara Dress for Andrews Sisters performance. 


Miss MonMon wears Revival blouse, Wheels and Dollbaby sweater and Erstwilder brooch. Photo by Caitlyn Martin.


Miss MonMon wears Louella DeVille top and skirt. True Vintage Hat. Photo by Angie Delarie Pinup Photography


Miss MonMon wears dress by Teresa Kopias, Behida Holic hat and basket of lavender from her garden. Photo by Caitlyn Martin. 


Miss MonMon wears true vintage prom dress to the 2019 Perth Pinup Prom with true vintage jewellery. 

I can promise you that October’s recap will be a bit more exciting as I do have some really exciting things happening. I can’t wait to share them all with you so make sure you keep your eyes on my socials. Until then, see you all soon for another Witchy Wednesday!



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