Erstwilder Bone Brigade Collection Review

Just when you thought Erstwilder was done with their Halloween range, BAM! There's another one and it's just as amazing. So for those that don't remember, last year, Erstwilder releasedĀ an animal one collection which was immensely popular and I distinctly remember people fighting over the cat brooch in particular. This year, Erstwilder has come up … Continue reading Erstwilder Bone Brigade Collection Review

Erstwilder In The Shadows Collection Review

It's the time of year where I can blast 'The Monster Mash' and dance my little twist dance to it without too many weird looks but with the release of Erstwilder's new Halloween collection... ITS OFFICIALLY SPOOKY SEASON! For your own audio pleasure Ok now that we've estalished that I should never take control … Continue reading Erstwilder In The Shadows Collection Review