What’s in My Makeup Bag

A large part of the pinup image is the makeup that goes with it; the winged eyeliner and red lipstick is so iconic that it’s become a part of my normal makeup routine. I don’t wear makeup everyday, I like to give my skin a break as often as I can and I am quite comfortable leaving the house with a bare face, but I also love playing with makeup. Today I thought I would share with you what is currently in my makeup bag that helps me achieve my everyday pinup look.


-Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow: I don’t normally wear a foundation so instead I use Wonder Glow on top of freshly moisturised skin. This gives my skin a smooth glow and a good base for my powder to adhere to. It doesn’t make me look cakey and it smells like roses. It can also be mixed with foundation and glides on like a dream; a little goes a long way.

Make Up Forever HD Powder: Ontop of my WonderGlow I put on a light layer of powder to help hide any blemishes or marks I may have. I don’t feel the need for a full coverage foundation or powder as I am personally ok with showing my skin the way it is. This powder doesn’t clog my pores and blends nicely on my skin; it doesn’t wear off throughout the day and stays on for an entire day.

Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin Shading: if I feel up for it, I add Art Class to my cheek bones to give my face more dimension. I don’t do a heavy contour but just a little something on the cheeks helps give my face more definition. This powder goes on really smoothly and blends in very easily.



Too Face Peach Pallet Eyeshadow: this is my current favourite eyeshadow pallet as it has so many warm and neutral tones. I normally cover my whole eyelid with one of the white/light colours and then define my crease with either a brown or darker toned shade. I also use one of the brown shades to colour in the beauty spot on my cheek and make it stand out more. This pallet also smells divine!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara; it may be a beauty cult classic but I love this mascara. I find it helps make my lashes look bolder, darker and thicker which is what I always aim for in a mascara.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner; I am always trying out new eyeliners which aim to give me amazing winged lids and I am currently trying out Kat Von D’s. I do personally like a dark black for my wings so so far it’s doing really well but I hope to find something more within my price range soon.

Too Faced Goof Proof Brow pencil; I like to keep my eyebrows simple so I basically just fill them in to be a bit darker than they are naturally. I don’t worry about shaping them makeup or smoothing the edges with concealer so this pencil just gives me the oomph that my eyebrows need some days.



Jeffree Star RedRum Liquid Lipstick; this is my go-to red lipstick and I think I have gone through about 6 tubes of the stuff. I personally really like liquid lipsticks as they don’t move or leak throughout the day and you may only need to touch up a bit after eating. I find this shade of red really complimentary to my skin tones and it’ll last all day.


A little bit of sparkle:

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeshadow: I love me a bit of sparkle so if I am feeling extra special, I add a bit of Heavy Metal liner to my eyes in either the inner corner of my eye, along my winged eyeliner or over part of my lid. Sometimes a touch of glitter can make me feel absolutely amazing. It is my favourite colour after all!

MAC Cinderella Edition Iridescent Pressed Powder in Coupe D’Chic: to finish my look, I add a swipe of Coupe D’Chic to my upper cheek bones for an extra pop of highlight. This highlighter isn’t blinding so it’s perfect for a daytime look.


These items are all what is currently in my makeup bag for my everyday makeup looks. Although some products may work really well for me, they may not have the same results for other people. I do like to try different products but once I find something I like, I tend to stick with it for a while. Some of these items have been in my makeup kit for several years and I plan to continue buying them as long as they keep working. I also like to keep things around the low-medium budget range; I very rarely use high end makeup products as I am happy with what I can find and I do buy a bit of makeup when I travel as prices are cheaper out of Australia. For now, I am super happy with what’s currently in my makeup bag. What are your everyday products? What’s in your makeup bag currently? Do you have any holy-grail products you can’t live without?

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