Pinup with a Passport – Reasons Everyone Should Travel

The question “where are you off to now?” is often directed at me during social gatherings, I can’t help it, I have the travel bug and I’ve got it bad! I believe that everyone should travel, whether it be near or far, in order to see the world from a different perspective. I do understand that travelling is a luxury that many cannot afford, but even just a short road trip can be an amazing trip for the soul. I am quite the seasoned traveller; I have been all around the world and am constantly planning new adventures. This new blog segment gives me a chance to talk about some of my adventures, some tips and tricks whilst travelling and combining my pinup life with my travel bug. I thought I would start this segment with a post about why travel is good for the mind, body and soul.


Travel gives you the chance to broaden your perspective: Living in only one place can sometimes put people inside a bubble; they can struggle to see life from an outsiders perspective and can be closed off to many wonders in the world. Travel gives you opportunities to learn new things about your surroundings, other people, culture and about yourself. Open your mind and your passport; there are so many ways people live their lives and by experiencing different cultures, you open your mind and will come home with a deeper understanding of humanity and stories to share.

Learn about yourself: as well as experiencing other culture, travel gives you a chance to learn who you are as a person. By pushing yourself outside your bubble, you have time to experience and reflect on new thoughts as your wander the world. As you travel, there will be challenges, issues, opportunities and experiences that you have never faced or been in; seeing how you react and engage has the ability to change your life.

Travelling also allows you the chance to challenge yourself: going to a new place gives you the chance to experience new and strange things. Some may be scary and others may be very exciting. As you travel you can do things you never thought you could whether that be trying a new food, hiking, backpacking or an adrenalin rush. By being in a new place, you may get lost and need to find your way out, or you may be surrounded by new people and experiences. All these moments give you time to discover how resourceful you are and how you adapt to your environment. Don’t be afraid to go with the flow but also stand your ground on things that make you uncomfortable or feel unsafe.


Education; although many travels are a time to relax, you always end up learning something new. As well as time to learn about yourself, travel gives you a chance to learn about different countries, cities and cultures. Every place has it’s own history, traditions and values. Take time out to explore museums, places of worship, historical sites and monuments. Listen to people’s stories and engage with other travellers. There is so much to learn out there in the world so drink it all in. You may also educate yourself by realizing how amazing your own life is. By noticing your own privledges, you become more understanding of others. Even the fact that you are able to travel should never be forgotten as that is a luxury many cant have. Appreciate your life.

Travel is a great time to escape, relax and recharge; taking time out for yourself and to focus on things other than your work and home life can do wonders for the soul, body and mind. By taking time to disconnect from social media, work, study or any problems you may have at home, you give your mind time to recharge and perhaps come up with a new perspective on things. It is also a time to treat yourself; if you have been working non stop for what feels like a hundred years, taking a few weeks off to wander around old cobblestone streets or lay on a beach could be amazing for your mood and outlook on life. Take a break from the daily grind and go have an adventure or two!

Whether you travel alone, with your partner or in a group, you will always strengthen relationships; sharing the experience of travelling together brings people closer (most of the time). Its good to know what kind of person someone is before you decide to travel so you are on the same page, but when you find your ultimate travel buddy, the world is your oyster. If you do have a falling out whilst travelling, see if you can mend the relationship, perhaps everyone is just really tired? If you can’t fix it, still try to have a good time on your own. If you do travel alone (which you should one day), you can still have an amazing time. Go out and socialize with other people or just enjoy some you-time. Some of my best days have been just wandering around a city with no agenda and time to experience my own thoughts and feelings.


There are so many more reasons to travel but these are the main ones for me. Travel gives you space and time to grow as a person; you will always come back with stories and experiences to share even if your trip turned sour. I really hope everyone gets a chance to go somewhere even if it isn’t an exotic location. Sometimes just a week in the country can be the perfect sea-change so go and start looking at amazing destinations and make your next trip absolutely amazing!


Keep an eye out for more instalments in my new Pinup Travel Blog section!

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