About Miss MonMon

.Internationally Published Pinup Model.
.National and International Title Holder.
.Brand Ambassador.
.Event Manager.


Miss MonMon. Published in Dark Beauty Magazine Issue 33. Photo by Alice Chapman.

Miss MonMon is a pinup powerhouse with a deep love of tea, travel, red lipstick and of course, anything vintage. Miss MonMon is a full-time pinup who embraces vintage aesthetics but not vintage values. Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, from a young age she was fascinated by the beauty of old Hollywood and drawn to all things glamorous and luxurious. For most of her schooling, she did everything she could to try and fit in until she realised she would always stand out. From that moment, she embraced her differences and started to grow into the person she always wanted to be. Upon watching a documentary on burlesque, she knew that the vintage world was her calling and so, very slowly, her transformation began.

As well as being a pinup, she is an active member of her community and volunteers her time and holds many charity events as well. She supports organisations such as Endometriosis Australia, Bully Zero Australia, 7 Cups and RUAH.  Miss MonMon also has a deep love and passion for her academic learning and currently holds a Masters degree. She loves combining her passion for learning and travel which has allowed her to study in Ireland, The Netherlands, Canada and England.

She has over 10 years of modelling experience, Miss MonMon has graced the covers and pages of numerous international and local magazines, novel front covers, billboards, advertising campaigns and been the face of several companies. Her modelling has taken her to shoot in London, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, Krakow, Dublin and all across Australia. She has loved every minute of it and continues to work with creatives to share stories through visual images and creations. Miss MonMon is always keen to hear the ideas of other creatives and will work with them to achieve their vision.

As an active member of the Perth Pinup Community, Miss MonMon love’s going to meetups, market events, picnics, evenings out and of course all the volunteer charity work. Within this community, she has always tried to lift up and empower everyone she meets. The Perth Pinup Community has also given Miss MonMon the love and courage to pursue her pinup dreams and she is so thankful to have her pinup sisters behind her. One of her favourite moments was winning Pinup Prom Queen 2016 at the Pinup Prom.

Miss MonMon has recently found a love and passion for pinup pageants and currently holds many local, national and international pinup titles. She has found a way to embrace her creativity and uniqueness onstage to share little stories and find a bit of self-confidence. She hopes her performances encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things that scare them. Her Pinup titles include:
Pinup Doll Australia 2020 Winner
Pinup Doll Australia Miss Charity 2020
Miss Memphis Vintage 2019
Miss Britannia 2019
Miss Pinup International RU 2019
Miss Koolsville RU 2019
Miss Vintage Kiss – Miss Congeniality 2019
Miss Sou’West Vintage Fest 2019
Miss Port Rocks 2018
Miss Weekend on Wheels 2018
Pinup Doll Australia RU 2018
Pinup Doll Australia Miss Charity 2018

Currently, Miss MonMon loves blogging and is slowly learning all about being a YouTuber. She really enjoys sharing her knowledge about vintage and pinup with others and has used her blog and YouTube as a platform to share, entertain, uplift and educate others. She wholeheartedly believes that there is room in this vintage-loving community for everyone; all stories are equal and unique. Miss MonMon is working really hard to show and embrace diversity in her blogging and will continue to do her best to let all voices be heard.

If you would like to work with Miss MonMon, she is more than happy to hear your business proposal. She will work with you in a professional and prompt manner ensuring you get exactly what you want. Please fill out the contact form below to get started.


Miss MonMon by IngeBorga PhotoArt.

Services offered by Miss MonMon:

-Modelling; photographic and catwalk
-Brand endorsement and advertising
-Product Reviews in video and blog form
-Live performances, guest appearances and event management
-Styling for editorials, videos, photography

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