About Miss MonMon

.Internationally Published Pinup Model.

.National Title Holder and Multiple Award Winner. 

.Vintage Stylist.


.Brand Ambassador. 

.Dancer and Performing Artist. 


Miss MonMon at Miss Sou’West Vintage Fest 2017 by Red Leopard Photography

Miss MonMon lives her life in the echo of Francois Rabelais’ last words, “I go to seek a Great Perhaps”. For as long as she could remember, she wanted to find the Great Perhaps in life and do amazing things.


Miss MonMon by FS3H Photography

Born and raised in Perth Western Australia, from a young age, she was fascinated by the beauty of old Hollywood and drawn to all things glamorous and luxurious. For most of her schooling, she did everything she could to try and fit in until she realised she would always stand out. From that moment, she embraced her differences and started to grow into the person she always wanted to be. Upon watching a documentary on burlesque, she knew that the vintage world was her calling and so, very slowly, her transformation began.

Today, Miss MonMon is a full time pinup girl with glamour in her step and stars in her eyes. Pinup has allowed Miss MonMon to fully express who she is, come out of her shell and stand proud. A year and a half into her pinup journey, Miss MonMon has already achieved so much.


Miss MonMon. Published in Dark Beauty Magazine Issue 33. Photo by Alice Chapman.

With over five years of previous modelling experience, Miss MonMon has graced the covers and pages of numerous international magazines, novel front covers, billboards, advertising campaigns and been the face of several companies. Her modelling has taken her to shooting in London, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dublin and across Australia. She has loved every minute of it. Being a pinup model now hasn’t changed Miss MonMon’s love of modelling and she has already featured in several pinup magazines, been written about in blogs and become brand ambassador for numerous pinup companies.


Miss MonMon. Published in Like a Lion December 2013. Photo by Joel Coulson.

Miss MonMon has also been on the board of several volunteer and charities. The most notable was being the editor of The Bare Truth magazine. This magazine promoted positive body images, self esteem and embraced all genders, bodies, colours and personalities. In all the magazines, no photoshop was ever used and each issue had body positive articles and information. The love of writing articles, blog posts and sharing information has always been a part of Miss MonMon’s life. So this blog is a space where Miss MonMon can spread her wings and write and share her passions.


Miss MonMon by IngeBorga PhotoArt.

Miss MonMon is also a pageant pinup who has won multiple titles including national titles. She is the current Pinup Doll Australia RU (2018), Pinup Doll Australia Miss Charity 2018, Pinup Doll Australia Best Makeup 2018, Pinup Doll Australia People’s Pinup 2018,  Miss Port Rocks 2018, Miss Dirty Love RU 2018, Miss Weekend on Wheels 2018 and Miss Memphis Vintage 2019.



Miss MonMon – Pinup Doll Australia RU 2018


As an active member of the Perth Pinup Community, Miss MonMon love’s going to meet ups, market events, picnics, evenings out and of course all the volunteer charity work. Within this community, she has always tried to lift up and empower everyone she meets. The Perth Pinup Community has also given Miss MonMon the love and courage to pursuit her pinup dreams and she is so thankful to have her pinup sisters behind her. One of her favourite moments was winning Pinup Prom Queen 2016 at the Pinup Prom.


Miss MonMon at Perth Pinup Prom 2017 by HotPixel

Services offered by Miss MonMon:

-Pinup Modelling-

-Modelling: Catwalk, photographic, high fashion, editorial, beauty, advertising and catalogues-

-Teaching and Coaching-

-Dancing Performances-

-Live performances and displays-

-Vintage Styling for photoshoots, editorials, catwalks, events-

-Styling for editorials, videos, photography-

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Miss MonMon by Angie Delaire Pinup Photography

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Miss MonMon by FS3H Photography