Hearts and Found Review

There really is nothing better than a beautifully made custom dress. I was recently contacted by Etsy store Hearts and Found and asked if I would like to review some of their dresses. I must have let off a happy shriek when I read the message as I knew straight away what the brand was and what style of clothing they produced. I had seen them on Etsy often and have drooled over the beautiful dresses many a time. I finally had a chance to try them out for myself and I couldn’t be more excited.

Hearts and Found is based in Vietnam and promote their main goal of, “We want to create the highest quality clothing, from the most unique textiles, at fair prices to our customers and partners”. Their mission is to support talented local tailors and textile shops by offering fair wages and long term partnerships. Currently, they are supporting an independent tailor in Vietnam named Co Thanh (Auntie Thanh). She has a small tailoring shop in an area called District 5 and currently employs 3 people. The textiles used in their clothing is sourced from the local markets, supporting local families and communities in Vietnam. Hearts and Found also understand that the whole world cannot fit into a handful of sizes. Body types are all different and companies should not sacrifice the perfect fit just so we can have the perfect piece. They offer custom sizing and a wide variety of quality cotton fabrics to choose from.

When I got onto the Hearts and Found Etsy store, I was so excited to choose which dresses I wanted (it took me almost a whole day to decide as there were so many amazing designs!). If you are looking at their store, I recommend finding the basic dress style you want and then look through their fabric. There are heaps of examples of dresses already showing multiple fabric choices so it’s good to have heaps of visuals. I looked through the basic dress styles they had and eventually narrowed it down to the Bonnie Dress in ‘the giving garden blue floral fabric’ and the Mitzi Dress in the ‘White Si Seniorita rose fabric’. I supplied my measurements and waited in anticipation for my new pretties to arrive.

I swear the dresses took next to no time to arrive! I was expecting because of Christmas being just around the corner that the dresses would arrive after several weeks but they were there within two weeks which is pretty amazing for custom dresses! The dresses arrived beautifully wrapped up and packaged in a brand box and presented beautifully. When I tried on the dresses for the first time, they fit like the most perfect glove ever! I wear a lot of floral in general so both my dresses were heavily floral but there are so many fabrics including licensed fabrics available so there really is something for everyone.

Bonnie Dress in ‘The Giving Garden Blue Floral Fabric’


Miss MonMon wearing Hearts and Found. Photographed by HotPixel.

When I first saw the Bonnie dress, I loved the bow detailing at the front neckline; it was also collared and covered the shoulders which made me think it would be great for keeping the sun off my back during the summer. The dress has a button down front and a small front zip to make it easy to put on and off. The dress is fully lined, finished just over the knee (as per my request) and finished to a high standard.
The Bonnie dress gave me some very Southern Belle vibes and I loved how it looked in my chosen fabric. The dress was really comfortable and I have worn it several times since receiving it; I have also worn this dress in 35+ degree weather and didn’t find it uncomfortable due to the high-quality cotton. Oh and the dress has pockets! What else could you need? I can really see myself wearing this dress very often and I feel really pretty whilst wearing it. Due to it being custom made, it fits me in a very flattering way and I received many compliments.


Miss MonMon wearing Hearts and Found. Photographed by HotPixel.


Miss MonMon wearing Hearts and Found. Photographed by HotPixel.

Mitzi Dress in ‘White Si Seniorita rose fabric’


Miss MonMon wearing Hearts and Found. Photographed by HotPixel.

I thought this dress has a very romantic shape to it and in my head, pairing it with a heavy rose floral print would turn it into the perfect Valentines day outfit; I was right! The Mitzi dress is a fully boned bodice with a sweetheart neckline, gathered skirt and back zipper. I loved the fullness of the skirt and would love to wear it with a big petticoat. Inside the bodice there were two buttons sewn in which I am assuming were designed to attach halter straps but I couldn’t find any straps included but it would be fine to sew up some for myself in a plain white fabric. I found the fit very flattering and because of the boning, the bodice stayed up and I didn’t have to pull it up constantly throughout the day.
I’m really looking forward to wearing this dress on romantic summer evenings or even to a cute picnic with my partner. It has a really playful feel about it and fit beautifully. Whilst wearing it I felt like a modern Scarlet O’Hara which made me very happy.


Miss MonMon wearing Hearts and Found. Photographed by HotPixel.


Miss MonMon wearing Hearts and Found. Photographed by HotPixel.

Final Thoughts

Both dresses I received from Hearts and Found were finished to a high standard and I have no faults or problems with either of them. From this experience, I would highly recommend shopping with Hearts and Found and adding some beautiful custom pieces to your own wardrobe. The possibilities are endless with mixing and matching dress styles to fabric patterns so I’m sure you could find something you love that is uniquely yours.
I really look forward to future collaborations with Hearts and Found and I will really enjoy wearing their dresses all summer.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/HeartsandFound?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Photos by Hot Pixel


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