Daiso Stick-On Eyeliner – Miss MonMon Test

Here we go again with another eyeliner hack, but this time it’s in sticker form!

I was recently in Daiso where I came across Cat Eye Line Tape which is essentially winged eyeliner in sticker form. After years of struggling with winged eyeliner, I couldn’t resist trying it out and seeing how it faired. Also, like most things at Daiso, it was ridiculously cheap (around $2) so it was a bargain.

Full Video Review Here:

Final Thoughts:

I really love the idea of eyeliner coming in sticker form as I think it could really help those with mobility issues, those in a rush or others who just can’t seem to get their wings to match (let’s face it, their not always twins, sometimes they’re distant cousins). However, as this was my first attempt, it took some getting used to and fiddling to get the sticker onto my eyelid. I found the adhesive very sticky and it would curl quite easily which made it almost impossible to unravel without touching.
It was also difficult to fully adhere as I was wearing eyeshadow which could have impacted the final result. Also, I didn’t draw in any further eyeliner as the instructions suggest. However, I think most of my issues came down to user error. I can see these being a holy grail to some and a hindrance to others.

This product was a lot of fun to test out and although I didn’t nail it, it was an interesting experience. If you enjoyed the video, please consider subscribing!

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