Brothers and Sisters Turban Review

I’ve recently noticed a huge shift towards head wraps, scarves and turbans coming back into popularity, so when I was asked by Brothers and Sisters if I’d like to review some of their turbans, I was really excited. I had heard of Brothers and Sisters a long time ago and always loved their chic styling and beautiful products. Originally starting in France in 2014, Brothers and Sisters prides itself on creating high quality and unique designs which can suit a wide range of personalities, styles and people. I was very excited to try out their items and put them to the test.

When I jumped on their website, I started creating a list of all the items I loved and soon realised I needed more room on my paper so I narrowed it down to colours that I could really use in my wardrobe. Brothers and Sisters sells a great range of head accessories such as headbands, turbans, scrunchies and berets. As it was winter, I chose the mustard/Les Sablons to go with some of the darker items I was wearing, and then the pink/Sebastopol and white/Guy Moquet.



Miss MonMon wearing tuban from Brothers and Sisters.


Miss MonMon wearing tuban from Brothers and Sisters.


Miss MonMon wearing tuban from Brothers and Sisters.

I was so excited to receive my package and was thrilled to see the quality of the tubans I received. The stitching was really strong, high quality and looks like it was made to last. The fabric was soft, stretchy and super comfortable when worn. I suffer from migraines so wearing head accessories can be a bit hit or miss especially when they’re too tight but I could comfortably wear these all day without even a headache. I really love these turbans and the entire Brothers and Sisters brand. There are so many colours and designs to choose from which make them easy to add to any kind of style and wardrobe.
My health has been a bit up and down lately so I don’t always get around to styling or curling my hair. These turbans are great in making me feel like I’m still living my best pinup life even if I don’t have perfectly styled hair. I highly recommend Brothers and Sisters if you are wanting some fun ways to spruce up an outfit or to have a sneaky pinup styling short cut. After wearing these turbans for a while, I have found a love for a centre part which I never had before; I normally have a side part but in these turbans really make me love a centre part again. It also just gives a very sleek vintage look to an outfit.


Miss MonMon wearing tuban from Brothers and Sisters.


Miss MonMon wearing tuban from Brothers and Sisters.


Miss MonMon wearing tuban from Brothers and Sisters.

During the collaboration, it was a pleasure to work with Brothers and Sisters. They were very polite and understanding. The shipping was very quick and the parcel arrived around 10 days after it was shipped. If you’re looking for head accessories, go to Brothers and Sisters. Tell them Mon Mon says hi!


Miss MonMon wearing tuban from Brothers and Sisters.


Miss MonMon wearing tuban from Brothers and Sisters.


Miss MonMon wearing tuban from Brothers and Sisters.

Photo by Caitlyn Martin

Shop Brothers and Sisters here.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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