Monthly Outfit Recap – August

How is August over so quick?! For me it started in Ireland where I competed in Miss Pinup International and I placed Runner Up. OH MY GOSH!! Straight after Dublin I went to Sydney to do a few things there which I can’t wait to share with you but I was oh so happy to be home. Once I got home, I switched off a fair bit as I felt it was time for a break so there aren’t many outfit photos. Between you and me, I have taken a break from dressing up so much. When I leave the house I still wear vintage but I dont style my hair or do my makeup. I’m still a pinup but I jus wanted a little break and didn’t feel like photographing plain looks. There’s a lot of pressure for those on social media to look flawless and switched on all the time so I decided just to have a mini break. Some days I just enjoyed my pyjamas and a good movie in bed.
There’s nothing crazy in this months outfit recap but there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes. I’ll see you all in the next installment.



Miss MonMon wears true vintage dress from Brisbane with Erstwilder brooch


Miss MonMon wears Banned Apparel with Erstwilder Squirrel scarf


Miss MonMon wears Kitten D’Amour dress with Erstwilder Hydrangea Scarf


Miss MonMon wears Pretty Dress dress with belt from Louella DeVille


Miss MonMon wears Vivien of Holloway dress


Miss MonMon wears true vintage ball gown


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