Pinup Summer Essentials

For those of you in the southern hemisphere, SUMMER IS HERE!! Woo hoo!! Although it’s ridiculously hot and leaving an airconditioned room takes a lot of willpower, it’s no excuse to not embrace the vintage and pinup style. Having dressed this way for so long, I’ve come up with a list of tips and tricks that will get you through the summer and keep you just a little bit cool.

Essential Pinup Summer Items

Sunscreen: I can sit here and tell you everything I think and feel about certain topics, but the benefits of sunscreen have been proven over many many years and we just know it works. Every morning, douse yourself in sunscreen to ensure you don’t burn! Now obviously sunscreen is something everyone should wear every day, not just pinups, but it really does help so do it everyday and don’t forget to top as needed throughout the day.

Big straw hat: I fell in love with large straw hats when I was a kid; I was watching vintage movies with my mum and saw Scarlette O’Hara in her massive hat and then Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face with her yellow flower dress and hat and thought to myself, “that’s it! Big hats are the greatest thing!”. I’ve been wearing them ever since and have quite the collection with a few stand out favourites. Big hats add instant high glamour to any outfit, are super comfortable but also very practical. They keep your face shoulders, neck and back out of the sun whilst ensuring a rim of personal space! YAY!

Parasol: if you’re convinced you can’t pull off a hat, opt for a parasol! You can pick up a wide range of parasols depending on your preferences and styles; the most common being the Chinese styled ones. I have a wide range of colours which I just picked up off eBay for a couple of dollars each and just match them to my outfits. You can also get fabric ones which are customizable and I am keeping my eye out for vintage and true rockabilly ones. They are light, cheap and a great way to avoid the sun!

Sweat pads: ok, I’m a human and I sweat a fair amount in summer. I can’t help it when it’s 40 degrees and I’m running around outside. One day I was in Daiso and I discovered the greatest thing ever created for us sweaty people, sweat pads. They are basically thin cotton stick-on pads that you stick onto the inner underarm of your garment and they soak up your sweat and leave you sweat stain-free! Brilliant! I wish I had them in high school! They are only about $2 for a packet of about 8 so super affordable and pretty easy to use.

Sunnies: Once again going on about the benefits of sun protection, but get yourself a good pair of vintage-themed sunnies and you’ll instantly look more glamorous and less like a sweaty mess. It’s true! Pile your hair onto your head, slap on some good red lipstick and your sunnies and people will think you’re a flawless human being that the heat cannot effect (even though your sweat pads are telling a different story). Protect your eyes and have fun with different shapes, sizes and colours of glasses!

Hand Fan: The original airconditioning system used for thousands of years. Super cheap and easy to find and they normally come in a wide variety of designs and patterns so you’re bound to find one that you like. They can easily be stored in your bag and can provide you with cool air at a moments notice.

Deodorant Wipes: I recently found these on a trip to Poland, and they are sort of like a baby wipe/wet wipe but they have deodorant in them. The idea is that you can quickly freshen up and feel clean on a super sweaty day and by golly these little things are great!

Powdered foundation/Blotting Paper: sometimes it’s just too damn hot for full foundation and I know that in summer, I just avoid it unless it’s for a shoot or a show. Instead, I generally wear a powdered foundation over a base or cream, my favourite being Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow. You don’t need to clog your pores and you can let your skin take it easy whilst still looking fabulous. It’s also easy to pop an extra layer of powder on during the day in case you sweat it off.

Tips and Tricks

Leave the petticoat and nylons at home: yes I know, I just said that, but when it’s 40 degrees and you are in a petticoat and stockings, you are trapping so much heat in around your legs it can result in all sorts of problems not to mention the constant feeling of sweat dripping down your legs. Gross…yes it’s happened to me. On really hot days, just a light cotton skirt will be fine. However, I still recommend wearing a petticoat and stockings if you are performing in a pageant as it’s only for a little while and some judges may mark you down. You can always whip them off after!

Natural fabrics: avoid any outfits made from artificial fibres such as nylon as they keep heat trapped in against your body. Instead go for linen or cotton so your skin can breathe and keep you cool. When dressing, it’s ok to wear something cute and short such as playsuits as there are many produced that have a vintage feel to them.

Drink water; cliche I know but stay hydrated to avoid dizzispells, feeling wobbley and keeping your body functioning. Even pinups need lots of water so drink up!

Vintage Up-do’s: to keep your neck and back cool, not to mention stop your hair frizzing, find some vintage styled up-do’s for your hair to keep yourself cool. I normally opt for a poodle style as it’s super quick and easy to do and you can always add a front roll or bumper bang if you want to mix it up.

Hair Nets: if you really want your hair out, try putting it in a hair-net. This will stop it frizzing but also lift it slightly so it’ll keep you cool.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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