How to Wear Vintage in Winter

As the weather cools down and the temperature drops, now is the time to put away your lovely summery dresses and sandals and find your fluffy cardigans and faux-fur wraps. I often get asked how do I manage to stay warm when it’s cold outside without freezing; winter is a time to embrace earthy tones, multiple layers and fabulous coats. Living in Dublin for a fair while, I got used to the cold and learning how to dress for low temperatures. I have compiled a list of tips, tricks and must-have items that will keep your toasty and stylish this winter.

All photos were taken by Daniche Creative.


Miss MonMon wearing Collectif Coat. Photographed by Daniche Creative

Tip 1: Layers!
Wearing multiple layers under your outfit can make a huge difference. Try putting a camisole or a long sleeve shirt under your dress/top to keep your chest warm. Then wear your favourite cardigan, vest, coat and /or scarf. You can wear stockings and thermal leggings under dresses and skirts and a good petticoat will keep your legs very warm as well. Under trousers, you can always hide leggings or long socks. Depending on necklines and skirt lengths, you can mix and match your undergarments to ensure you stay warm; if you feel the cold more strongly on a certain body part (I struggle with my shoulders getting cold), ensure that you add your additional layers there.

Tip 2: Toasty Feet
There’s nothing worse than cold wet feet! It’s worth investing in a decent pair of winter boots; short or long boots are fine depending on your preferences. It’s worth making sure your boots are waterproof and if available, insulated with faux fur as this can make a huge difference. You can always wear thick warm socks to keep your feet warm.


Miss MonMon wearing Vintage Coat from Monto Vintage in Dublin, Seamstress of Bloomsbery blouse, Vivien of Holloway pants and thrifted wrap. Photographed by Daniche Creative

Tip 3: Little accessories, go a long way
One of the best parts of a winter wardrobe is all the little accessories you can add. Gloves, scarves, hats and muffs can all be used to add to an outfit and make it all the more fabulous and warm. By looking for simple matching accessories, a plain black coat can be jazzed up with a red hat and a pair of red gloves. You can really bring out your personality and have fun, also, a lot of modern-day gloves now have a special finger pad so you can use your phone whilst wearing them.

Tip 4: A hat makes all the difference
We release a lot of heat through our heads so it’s important to wear a hat if the temperature drops. There are heaps of beautiful vintage-inspired hats you can find from companies such as Belle Follie, Ophelie Hats or your local antique store. A hat can also add a dose of personality to an outfit and really let you have a lot of fun with your winter wardrobe. If you’re the creative type, you can always knit your own and add a matching scarf.
If you’re not in the mood for a hat, reach for a head wrap or scarf. You can make your own from a long piece of thick material and then tie it onto your head. I would also recommend Wraps by Ruby from Etsy.


Miss MonMon wearing Alannah Hill wrap, Dangerfield Cardigan, Stop Staring Dress and thrifted gloves. Photographed by Daniche Creative

Tip 5: Top Coat
A beautiful winter coat can be the cherry on top of a wonderful winter outfit. With so many colours, styles and materials to choose from, go for one that will match a majority of your winter wardrobe or a statement coat. If you’re going for one with faux fur trim, see if that trim is removable so you can mix and match with scarves and not limit yourself. If you’re bored of your old winter coats, try swapping out the buttons to something new and fun to inject a little happy boost into your outfit. Capes are also a great accessory as they always have an elegant flare but can keep you super warm. Your coats/capes can also be accessories with brooches.

Tip 6: Wrap it up
On top of your coat/cape, a faux fur or woollen wrap, shawl or long scarf can make a world of difference. Such an accessory gives a very classic vintage look to an outfit and can be very stylish. It also gives you the option of removing a single layer but not subjecting most of your body to the cold. A wrap/shawl can also be used as a make-shift muff in case your hands get cold.


Miss MonMon wearing Alannah Hill Cardigan and Vivien of Holloway Pants. Photographed by Daniche Creative

Things to Remember:
-Whilst shopping for a winter outfit, remember to check what material it’s made from. Winter is not the time for thin cottons so look for vintage wools, velvets, thick cotton sateens and cold-air-blocking fabrics such as quilted satin. These materials will keep you warm but still give off a classic vintage look.
-When layering, opt for several medium to thin weight layers as opposed to one or two bulky layers. This makes wearing layers more comfortable and easy to move around in; you don’t want to feel restricted and uncomfortable so see what works for you.
-A lot of people dive into dark colours as soon as the weather turns cooler but you really don’t have to. Look into adding some pops of colour into your wardrobe through bright and fun cardigans, coloured patterns on skirts and dresses and accessories. In winter, I tend to wear a fair amount of dark floral in my skirts and dresses but try to find a bright cardigan to match. In saying this, if your preference is black then go for your life.
-If you’re buying vintage reproduction, see if you can ask for a review on how the item faired in the winter. I’ve had several Instagram followers ask how I survived thick snow in my vintage reproductions and I always answered honestly. It also pays to know where you’re shopping from; companies from generally cooler climates such as the UK and Canada will be better equipped when dealing with winter.
-If you still feel the cold really badly, you may want to invest in a reusable hand warmer. These little beauties are heated up by popping them into boiling water for a few minutes and then you can carry them around in your pockets. I remember using these whilst it snowed and found them to be absolutely amazing. They are generally only a few dollars and can be bought online or at a pharmacy.


Miss MonMon wearing Collectif Coat and Belle Follie Hat. Photographed by Daniche Creative

Styling your winter wardrobe doesn’t need to be boring or plain; add colour, bold prints and have fun with your outfits this winter. As part of this article, we have included some outfit ideas for some fun winter outfits made up of different items; each one can be worn with hidden layers underneath for added warmth. Winter is not a time for your boring clothes; embrace the glamour of velvet and the beauty of tweed; go for texture, colour and fun. Until next time, stay toasty and warm!

All photos taken by Daniche Creative.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way.

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