ChooMa Brooch Review

Ok, so I am actually embarrassed about how long this blog has taken me to publish but oh my goodness the stars just would not align for this one so my apologies to you and of course, ChooMa who gifted me these gorgeous brooches to review. What feels like a very long time, the lovely Russian based brand known as ChooMa, was very kind enough to gift me two brooches to review them for you. Upon visiting their Etsy site, I was astounded by all the amazing choices I was met with and oh my goodness the designs are stunning. It was so difficult for me to decide which goodies to pick but I surpirsed myself by choosing two fruit designs despite there being heaps of flowers and Alice in Wonderland themed items. I chose the Papaya brooch and the raspberry brooch.

My reasoning behind these two choices is that they are unique and different from anything I have in my collection and they are unique and bright colours which will hopefully stand out. Dealing with ChooMa was an absolute dream and the owner was a real sweetheart and put up with all my delays and apologies like a champ. It was always either weather issues or health but we got there in the end. Alas, let’s look at our brand new fruity brooches.
Shop ChooMa here.

Papaya Brooch:


Miss MonMon wearing the Papaya brooch from ChooMa.


Miss MonMon wearing the Papaya brooch from ChooMa.


Miss MonMon wearing the Papaya brooch from ChooMa.


Papaya brooch from ChooMa

The ChooMa Papaya brooch instantly caught my eye and I fell in love with it very quickly. The colours were super bright and bold and it was lovely to see a fruit that’s not overly popular in the brooch community be celebrated. I was really happy with the thickness, the size and the overall finish of the brooch. It sat well on my dress collar and stood out for all the right reasons. I was really impressed with how to papaya seeds were depicted as I was worried they may fall off but there is no chance of that due to how well the brooch is made. The brooch isn’t ridiculously reflective or shiny which means that it is bold and bright when you wear it. I really love this brooch and think it’s going to be a lot of fun.
The brooch retails for around $31.94 AUD which is a pretty good price. For the quality and the overall execution of the brooch, I think it’s perfect. There’s nothing negative I can say about this brooch.
Link to Papaya brooch here.

Raspberry Brooch:


Miss MonMon wearing the Raspberry brooch from ChooMa.


Miss MonMon wearing the Raspberry brooch from ChooMa.


Miss MonMon wearing the Raspberry brooch from ChooMa.


Raspberry brooch from ChooMa

I can’t resist pink so my second option had to be this bright and bold Raspberry brooch. I love how this brooch feels especially the seeds; I have no idea how the brooch is made to make the seeds look the way they do but oh my gosh I love it so much. The brooch is a great size and a decent thickness; it felt really sturdy and I think it’ll makea wonderful statement brooch. I do love the bold colour; the magenta tones are so lovely and I can’t wait to wear this with some beautiful summery outfits.
The Raspberry brooch retails for $33.54 which once again is a great price for the quality, size, and design you are receiving. The brooch also comes in a purple tones which is equally beautiful but I couldn’t resist the pink. All in all, I really can’t fault either brooch or the company itself. I am really happy with both these designs and will definitely keep an eye on ChooMa to see their future designs.
Shop the Raspberry brooch here.

If you are looking for a new snazzy brooch and a small business to support, definitely check out ChooMa and give them some love! ChooMa has so many different styles and fun designs including cute characters (such as Popeye and Pinky and the Brain) but also cute fruits and drinks, flowers, portraits, and highly stylized brooches as well. Give them a bit of a browse.
Shop ChooMa here.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made. 

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