Mrs Maisel Swimwear from Red Dolly

Long before Covid became a thing, I was day dreaming about a lovely honeymoon somewhere delightfully tropical and far away, I had already started to plan outfits which of course included swimwear. As my love for all things Mrs Maisel continues, I started searching for some replica swimsuits for such an occasion. I then found out a gorgeous pinup friend of mine, Miss Patty Bakes, became ambassador for Red Dolly Swim who just so happen to sell Mrs Maisel inspired swimsuits, need I say more?

For those wanting to know a bit about the brand Red Dolly, Red Dolly Swimwear is designed by Washington based designer, Heather Stepanik. “Heather graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles in 2004. From then she went on to become a bridal seamstress until 2008, at which point she started her own swimwear line, Red Dolly. Her fashion line has expanded to include baby and girls swimwear. The brand is continuing to grow and spread throughout the world”.  Red Dolly is inspired by vintage stylings, quality and a strive for uniqueness.

When visiting the Red Dolly website, there were quite a few beautiful designs to choose from. If I had a bigger budget I would have happily grabbed a few more pieces but I ended up ordering; the Mrs Maisel bikini in blue with polka dots, and the Mrs Maisel Pink Swimdress. I placed my order on the 18th of August and it didn’t arrive at my house until the 2nd of November. It’s quite a wait but you have to remember that all deliveries are so heavy delayed due to covid so I can’t really give you better information on shipping. It came in a parcel bag and each swim had it’s own little plastic pouch. I need to be honest and say I didn’t try on the swimsuits until I was actually on my honeymoon as it all got a little crazy towards the end of wedding planning. Both swimsuits were a perfect fit; they were both fully lined and the quality was exceptional.

Let’s start with the famous blue bikini. This swimsuit appears in the tv show when Midge is the sash girl for the Steiner pageant. The bikini features a halter neck top which ties at the back of the neck, lined bra and an elastic back. The top slides over the head and I personally found the fit to be amazing; there was no cups in the bust but the lining pad was enough to stop the cups going see through when wet or having a nip stick out. The bottoms were high waisted and fully lined. I think they were slightly higher than those in the tv show which I prefer as I found it more flattering. Having Endo, I tend to bloat really badly so even though I was a bit bigger in the tummy than normal, I felt the bottoms were flattering, covered me well and I felt pretty cute whilst wearing them. I paired the swimsuit with my large straw hat and some blue Bonnie hoops from Daisy Jean Floral.
Find the swimsuit here.

Miss MonMon wearing a Mrs Maisel swimsuit from Red Dolly.
Miss MonMon wearing a Mrs Maisel swimsuit from Red Dolly.
Miss MonMon wearing a Mrs Maisel swimsuit from Red Dolly.

The second swimsuit is another two piece; it comes from the time Midge and Susie were relaxing by the pool right before Midge decided to teach Suzie how to swim. Now I was tempted to buy a matching swim cap but thought I normally get enough people staring at me, the swim cap might be a bit much for a lazy afternoon by the pool. If you want me to buy a vintage inspired swimming cap, please let me know … because I kind of need that final boost before I actually buy it. Moving back to the swimsuit; firstly, by golly it is bright! So much brighter than the pink in the show, in fact, in real life the swim was almost fluro and I was definitely easy to spot at the pool.

The pink swimsuit is very much like a tan-kini but longer. I kind of wish it had a bit more of a flare out at the bottom to make it more of a dress but apart from that it was adorable. The fit was perfect and the swim was fully lined which stopped it from going see through when wet (always a plus). The top of the bodice featured a halter neck which tied behind the neck and the bust has an adorable bow right on the front. The cups had a thin foam lining to stop anything sticking out or going wobbly. The bottoms fit really well and were not overly high waisted which made me a little self conscious. If the top wasn’t as skin tight, I think for someone experiencing bloating, it would have felt a tad more comfortable. I still loved the swimsuit of course, I felt very cute whilst wearing it and I paired it with some sunglasses from Deluxe Creations, pink Bonnie hoops from Daisy Jean Floral and my straw hat.
Find the swimsuit here.

Miss MonMon wearing a Mrs Maisel swimsuit from Red Dolly.
Miss MonMon wearing a Mrs Maisel swimsuit from Red Dolly.
Miss MonMon wearing a Mrs Maisel swimsuit from Red Dolly.

It felt a bit silly to have purchased new swimsuits during a pandemic knowing they wouldn’t be reaching our destination for quite some time. Regardless, I felt really cute when wearing them around the pool on my mini honeymoon at Crown Perth. I love that Mrs Maisel swimsuits were even available as I’m really not confident sewing my own. It’s a nice and fun way to add some Mrs Maisel and vintage flair to pool days which is always a plus in my books.

Final thoughts
Both of these swimsuits were a great fit, of high quality and very cute when worn. I was never worried about the swim falling off, slipping or becoming see-through. The fact that both swims were fully lined made me even more confident in the quality and they were both very comfortable to swim in. I think I will definitely be saving up for a few more swim suits from Red Dolly, I love anything with cute poodles on it and the atomic boomerang print gives me so much life. I love that there are still amazing companies who sell vintage inspired swimwear with good structure, wonderful designs but also a comapny who understands how to create something flattering for a wide range of bodies.

All swimsuits are available in sizes small to extra large and are made from 85% nylon, 15% spandex. They are hearty, sturdy and adorable. The perfect summer swimsuit for a vintage lover.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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