Miss Gypsy Rose Review

I don’t always subscribe to the “new year, new me” mindset as I don’t like the idea of becoming something new when I just want to work on a bit of self improvement. It feels like throwing out the baby with the bath water in way. This year, I really want to focus more on self care as I didn’t do it as much as I really needed to in 2020 even though it was really important. Thats why todays review really helped get me excited about self care. A little while ago I was contacted by Miss Gypsy Rose who runs her own small business specialising in vintage inspired gift boxes and luxury items and today I am finally sharing all the goodies that I received.

Miss MonMon reviews Miss Gypsy Rose Precious Gift Box.

Miss Gypsy Rose runs her business, Precious Gift Boxes, online and specialises in a line of petite, natural & cruelty-free bathing & nightwear. With a touch of classic vintage sophistication, these gorgeous Miss Gypsy Rose accessories are available for individual sale or as an entire collection in a customised heart-shaped Gift Box Australian designed, owned and made in Melbourne. I was completely spoilt in this collaboration and was gifted the Miss Gypsy Rose Deluxe Gift Box, a Miss Gypsy Rose Nightslip and Robe and matching Miss Gypsy Rose Marabou Slip on Stiletto Heels. Oh my goodness what a haul, it feels like Christmas came once again.

Miss MonMon reviews Miss Gypsy Rose Precious Gift Box.

Let’s start by unboxing the Deluxe Gift Box. All the goodies are contained in a cute black and white polka dot heart shaped box with a pink ribbon and the inside features beautiful paper to keep everything looking and packaged beautifully. Inside I discovered the entire collection of Miss Gypsy Rose’s line of vintage inspired, natural and cruelty-free beauty and body care products. This included the Natural rejuvenating rose face masque, Masque brush, vintage rabbit ear hair scarf with internal wire to bend   into whatever shape you like, vintage power puff for cleansing face, Rose Musk vegan soy candle, Freeze dried rose petals to add to the bath or the bedroom, Prosecco rose heart shaped bath bomb, Prosecco rose sugar scrub and a Hand Blown Glass Marblesque Face Masque Bowl. Oh my goodness! See what I mean about getting spoilt.

Miss MonMon reviews Miss Gypsy Rose Precious Gift Box.

I used the rejuvenating rose face masque straight away by adding about a tablespoon of powder into the glass marblesque face masque bowl and adding a little bit of water. The smell was delicious and reminded me of a berry smoothie. Using the included brush I applied it to my face and let it sit for about 15 minutes before washing it off. My skin felt so soft and clean after which is always a plus as some masks can really dry out my skin. I did notice my skin looked a little bit brighter and I’m sure with frequent use, I’ll start to see a real difference in my skin as I know rose is a lovely brightening ingredient for the skin.

Miss MonMon reviews Miss Gypsy Rose Precious Gift Box.
Miss MonMon reviews Miss Gypsy Rose Precious Gift Box.

I waited until New Years to enjoy the bath products as I couldn’t think of a better way to wash off all the weight of 2020. I pulled back my hair using the wired head band, lit my soy candle which smelt deliciously soft and feminine, added my freeze dried rose petals and Prosecco bath bomb to the water before soaking for at least an hour. During my bath, I sat up out of the water and scrubbed my body using the sugar and salt scrub which made me feel absolutely amazing. I’m a huge fan of exfoliating my skin as my skin get’s very dry and I hate feeling flakey so this scrub will definitely be a favourite for years to come. It didn’t feel itchy, oily or overly course which is always a plus and by applying it to my already softened skin, the granules melted a bit and helped with the exfoliation. The smell of all the products is really delicious; you can definitely pick up the rose scents but personally I pick up more of a sweet berry scent.

I can’t describe how relaxed and calm I felt; if you are looking for a treat for yourself, this gift box is absolutely perfect as an act of self-love or, of course, it can be gifted to someone you care for to tell them it’s ok to take some time out. I think this box would also be a wonderful gift to bridesmaids if you are looking for something special and unique as the gifts can be enjoyed after all the stress of the wedding is over. These gift boxes would be a great present for someones birthday, anniversary, graduation or a ‘just because’ kind of gift. Miss Gypsy Rose has a wide range of boxes with different surprises inside and something to fit every budget so make sure you keep them in mind if you’re looking for a stunning gift.

Miss MonMon reviews Miss Gypsy Rose Precious Gift Box.

If I were to highlight one of my favourite items from the gift box, it would be the powder puff. I know with all the other goodies included the powder puff seems like an odd highlight but just hear me out. Within this gift box I also became a big fan of the powder puff and have been using it to apply my bath powders most nights. I find using the puff helps distribute the powder and makes it feel very luxurious to the point I wish I had a puff of this size sooner. The puff makes me feel like I’m in an Old Hollywood movie and I’m really pampering myself; there’s something very sensual and feminine about the puff when applying my bath powder and I really do look forward to using it daily.

Miss MonMon reviews Miss Gypsy Rose Precious Gift Box.

Also gifted along with the gift box itself, I was lucky enough to receive a personalised night slip and robe in a soft light blue colour. The slip and robe are silky soft, sensual to the touch and a pleasure to the eyes much like they are described on the Miss Gypsy Rose website. The slip reached my thighs which is on the shorter side for me but I am quite tall with a long torso; I was a big fan of the feather trim at the top and bottom of the slip and on the arm cuffs of the robe. I found the robe to be a good length as it covered the slip and had ties inside of it to give a nice snug fit. The robe has it’s own sash which also helped keep the robe from slipping and falling off. Since receiving this set, I have worn it quite a lot and will have more photos coming but for now, let me tease you some more. The slip and robe set are available in four colours, sizes small to extra large and retails for $85 the set. The robe is also customisable which I believe is done by hand and mine features a beautiful diamond ‘M’ which I think is always a luxurious touch.

Miss MonMon reviews Miss Gypsy Rose Precious Gift Box.

My final gift was a pair of marabou slip on stiletto heels in a matching blue colour. These slippers were the perfect accessory to the robe and really added that final touch of luxury. Proper up on a 5 inch beigh heel, the slipper is made of patent leather, with a PVC strap adorned with feathers. The shoe has a point to it and is in the peep-toe style. I’m not normally a fan of peep-toe shoes as I really don’t like my feet but for these I had to make an exception and I’m glad I did. It took a little while for the PVC to heat up enough to stretch over my foot (I have really wide feet damaged from dancing and if you find PVC too tight, warm it up with a blow dried) but after it did, I found it to be quite comfortable. I ordered a size 9 which fit me really well but Miss Gypsy Rose has been kind enough to have a shoe size converter on the website if you need assistance finding your size. The slippers retail for $100 which make them a very luxurious and delightful gift.

I honestly feel so touched by all the delightful things I was gifted from Miss Gypsy Rose and her precious gift boxes. From the moment the box arrives, you can see and feel the quality and care put into each item and I am humbled to have been so generously gifted. On a personal note, getting to know Miss Gyspy Rose over on instagram has also been quite a pleasure; she is a truely sweet, kind and thoughtful individual who will make a lot of people smile and feel great upon receiving her gift boxes. I cannot recommend these gift boxes enough; there are ones with beauty and bath products, ones with tea (oh my gosh greatest thing ever!), gift boxes with flowers and even gift boxes for babies (most likely a gift for the mother) and lovers for Valentines day. There really is something for everyone and I know I will be sending her boxes all over Australia as the new year rolls in.

Miss MonMon reviews Miss Gypsy Rose Precious Gift Box.

It’s been a pleasure reviewing the Miss Gypsy Rose Deluxe gift box. With all the goodies I received, I will continue to use up all the delightful products and try to post them on my instagram stories. Feel free to check out Miss Gypsy Rose on her social media or on her website. You will not be disappointed (unless you’re too slow and the items is sold then it’s kind of on you!).


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way.

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