Olli Ella Acorn Rattan Bag Review

I love me a good handbag and the cuter or the kitschier I can get it, the better. I have a staple of bag colours which I wear with most of my pinup outfits when it comes to bags but I do like to mix it up every now and then. For Christmas, I was gifted the most adorable bag I had seen in a long time and today I thought I’d give you a little review. It is the Rattan Acorn bag from the Aussie brand, Olli Ella. Olli Ella is an small Australian business begun by two sisters who clearly have a love and passion for creating beautiful and whimsical items for both adults and children with lots of whimsy and fun. I love their vintage vibes and how unique their items are.
**Please Note: these images were taken pre-lockdown. All safety precautions were taken and all governmental suggestions and guidelines were followed**

As this bag was a gift from the husband for Christmas, I can’t say how long shipping took or even how much shipping cost but I know it was ordered in December and arrived in time for all the festivities and gift giving to commence. The acorn bag is actually designed for children as it’s listed under the kid section of the Olli Ella website but when has age ever gotten in the way of styling your dream outfit? According to the original listing, the acorn bag is described as “a whimsical place to keep treasures and trinkets, the Acorn Bag is the sweetest little bag to carry with you wherever you go. Open the Acorn top to stash beautiful leaves, feathers, wildflowers – and so much more! Made for foraging and collecting tiny keepsakes for kids and adults alike! Inspired by nature, the Acorn Bag is made from Natural Rattan and looks lovely displayed on a shelf. Use it as a carry bag or decorative basket”. 

The bag is about 24cm high including the handle and about 18 cm wide. The interior dimensions measure around 12cm. Unfortunately I cannot fit my phone into the bag but I can squeeze in a coin purse, lipstick, compact and some bobby pins. Whenever I take out this bag, I just make sure my outfit has pockets for my phone. The bag is handwoven with natural rattan in two different shades (lighter for the acorn body, and darker for the acorn hat). The Acorn lid is secured with a wooden button and a straw loop clasp. I think this is a great way of closing the bag as I do own vintage rattan bags with similar clasps. The Olli Ella website states this bag as an adjustable handle but I can’t figure out how it works and can’t adjust the handle at all. If you know how to do this, please comment below and help me out. I am really happy with how light the bag is as it weights in at a crazy light 0.09kg! I know it’s meant for children so this weight is fine but it feels so dainty and delicate.

If you know me well, you know I love all things woodland and forest related. I used to spend a lot of time in forests as a kid and loved collecting leaves, acorns and pebbles. I’ve always had a fascination with mushrooms and kind of wish I could live in a cottage deep in the woods. When my hubby asked me which bag I wanted, it was between this one and the Mushroom house rattan bag but I’m so glad he chose the acorn bag. It’s so beautiful, whimsical and has an element of magic. I’ve only taken it out twice and found it comfortable to hold but I do wish the handle was just a smidge bigger as shoving it on my arm in a hurry has resulted in some light scratches (hey, it’s meant for dainty children hands, not giant adult grabby claws).

I did get a lot of comments on the bag and lots of people asked me about it. It’s a shame I couldn’t fit my phone in it but my dress had a pocket so it’s no big deal. The bag is seriously adorable and I love the shape and structure of the bag. The weave is really lovely and straight. I’m also a fan of the way the rattan feels, it isn’t coated in a thick varnish or polish and instead has it’s natural texture and feel. There were a few loose rattan threads but that’s just part of using a natural product. I am glad that there is an Aussie company selling such cute rattan bags. Of course there are other designs including the previously mentioned mushroom house but there is also a shell bag, a house bag and normal basket bags. I do think there is something so special about this company and their products. It just brings about a sense of magic and nostalgia which is simply wonderful. I will slowly save up for the mushroom house bag because it gives me life but I do encourage you to check out the Olli Ella company for yourself if you are after a rattan bag or even just some cute items for yourself or a child you know.

Outfit details:
Bag; Olli Ella Acorn Rattan Bag
Dress; Lena Hoschek
Brooch: Erstwilder
Shoes: TUK


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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