Testing Vintage: Spoolies

I always feel a bit silly whenever I try out something like a new curler or setting lotion because although I am a pinup, my hair skills are very limited. But I still love sharing what I know, my tests and how I find things to work for me. Today, we are continuing on that lavish tradition by testing out a different type of hair curler, Spoolies. Spoolies have been around since the 1950’s and they are a rubber/plastic/silicone curler with a domed cap which are designed to be comfortable to sleep in. I had totally forgotten that Spoolies existed until I watched The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and I saw her wear them in a scene. I wondered if they were still available to purchase and low and behold, they were and they were pretty cheap in the way curlers go. I had to grab myself a bag and test them out. Oh and I was having a pretty bad Endo flare up during my first trial with Spoolies and thought, “bugger it, I’m staying in my pyjamas” so behold my childish jam jams!

I’ll start by saying that I have medium length hair (just past my shoulders), thin hair and I also have a midi cut (or horseshoe cut) which does make vintage styling a little bit easier. For this test, I used Poison Apple Setting spray and as my hair doesn’t take heat well, I will sleep with the Spoolies overnight as I normally do with my curlers.

How to Use Spoolies
To use the Spoolies, take a small section of your hair and give it a light brush to make sure there are no knots or kinks. Apply a few sprays of your setting spray and brush the spray through.

Wrap the end of your hair around the rod of your Spoolie. Then, rolling under, roll the hair around the rod until you reach your head.

Snap the domed cap over the rod and your hair should stay in place.

Doing section by section, repeat the process until all your hair is curled.

I normally wrap a scarf around my hair when I sleep in curlers so I went ahead and did that before getting a good nights sleep.

When awake, I remove the scarf and one by one, I pop up the domed cap on each curler and unroll my hair. I give each section a light brush as I take out all the curlers.

Once my hair is free, I style it for the day. Today it was just a simple brush out.

Final Results and Thoughts
These are probably the most comfortable curlers to sleep in that I’ve ever tried out. I think because of the flat dome shape, the weight is distributed around my head so I don’t feel like I’m sleeping on a pile of rocks. It is because of their comfort that I will definitely keep using them.
I found the process of curling my hair pretty simple. I found that I was grabbing pieces of hair which were too big for the curlers causing them to be a bit difficult to roll … until I realised they came in two different sizes. Because I had bought these curlers a while ago, I completely forgot that one bag of Spoolies came in two different sizes so I went back through my hair and changed the smaller curlers with the larger curlers. This made all the difference. I did find that some certain strands kept unrolling especially around the back/bottom of my hair-line and despite re-rolling the curler, they were still unravelling. I’m not sure what wen’t wrong but the final curl itself turned out pretty good. Putting my hair into Spoolies took about half an hour but it was mainly me trying to get used to the product itself.
When it came to taking the rollers out, the process was super quick and I found my hair didn’t get caught or stuck whilst I was unravelling it from the curlers. At first I though my hair wasn’t that curly as I’m used to quite a tight curl but once I gave my hair a few brushes, I had quite a pretty and soft vintage brush out. One side definitely turned out better than the other but I think with a bit more practice, I will get the hang of the curlers. I think these curlers would work best on short hair so I would recommend them for that. My hair can be quite a pain to stay curly but it certainly lasted for most of the day.
Overall, these are a great budget friendly was of curling your hair and definitely a product worth looking into if you have an interest in vintage hair styling.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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