Erstwilder Paris Holiday Collection Review

For many of us, Paris holds a dear romantic place in our hearts; the bustling city of lights and love draws people to it to see the sights, sample the food and possibly, fall in love. The Parisian style is one that has come into fashion and popularity time and time again with many fans trying to nail the perfect Parisian Chic outfit. It’s no wonder that Erstwilder has also fallen in love with Paris and created a massive new collection for the occasion. ‘Paris Holiday‘ contains brooches, earrings (dangles and studs), pins, scarves and beret’s to allow you to style yourself up like a true Parisian. I was very lucky to review some brooches for you from the collection so that’s what I will be sharing with you.

Trocadero Carousel Brooch
This brooch instantly captured my heart as it was so bright and colourful. Although it’s from the Paris Holiday collection, I instantly thought of the carousel horses from Mary Poppins which made me love it even more. A safer alternative to the traditional joust, this brooch will have you a merry time as you go round and round on these faux juments et chevaux. It is made up for layers of mixed glitter and bubble resin, featuring painted gold detail.
There are multiple carousels around Paris so I can see how this brooch is wonderful for any fans of the mechanical horse machine. Personally, carousels hold a very special place in my heart and if I could have a carousel horse in my house, I absolutely would. I have styled this brooch with a simple white dress and love how it came together.
Link to brooch.

Le Croissant Brooch
Is there anything better than a fresh buttery croissant? This delectable flaky pastry can now be worn to your hearts content thanks to this new collection. I found this brooch very whimsical, cute and delicious (it was very difficult not to take a bite). This beautiful golden ripple resin brooch with etched and hand painted detail brings the perfect pastry to palpable life.
I really find food related brooches very cute; the colours are also perfect for autumn vibes or just breakfast time. I recently learnt that the proper french way to eat a croissant is to dip it into your coffee foam and although I don’t drink coffee, this makes me very tempted to give it a go myself. This croissant also comes in pin, scarf, stud and dangle earrings if you want to go matchy-matchy.
Link to brooch here.

To Whom it May Concern Brooch
Ah Paris, the perfect city to be in to pen a love letter over a coffee. From Voltaire to Simone de Beauvoir, the inspiration for many a written word begins with une tasse de café. This brooch perfectly captures the romanticism of writing down thoughts and feelings over a hot cup of bean water. Made, and written, with love. This white ripple resin brooch with hand painted detailing goes with anything. Most of all it goes with early morning inspiration.
I think the colour palette for this brooch is adorable with it’s bold white resin, deep brown coffee and the tiny pop of red to seal your thoughts with a loving kiss. This would have to be my favourite brooch from the whole collection and the one I see myself wearing the most. I would imagine this one being quite popular so do grab yourself one quick.
Link to brooch.

This collection has been an absolute dream to be apart of and I love the new advertising that went with it. With Paris being ever so popular, I would definitely recommend getting in quick to ensure your designs don’t sell out as they often can within minutes.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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