How to Prevent Sweat Stains on Your Vintage

One of the worst stains to deal with when it comes to cleaning vintage garments are sweat stains. Often yellow toned, they appear over time and are notably difficult to remove so I often believe in taking action to prevent stains building up or appearing on your new vintage garments. It’s easier to prevent stains rather than struggling to remove them so today I wanted to share a way of preventing new sweat stains coming up on your vintage.

I love browsing asian grocers and stores, they often have products that I don’t recognise and they are one of my favourite places to try new things be it food, beverage or household appliance. Upon browsing a Daiso a few years ago, I came upon a box which, from what I could understand in the pictures, contained sticky underarm protectors, almost like a sanitary pad for your arm pits. ‘Interesting’ I thought, ‘but do they actually work?’. I’m here to tell you they did, and I’ve been using them ever since and here’s why you should too.

Certain fabrics are not kind when it comes to sweat stains and some vintage is notoriously difficult to clean so steps can be taken to minimize washing such as wearing slips and spot cleaning. These underarm pads are a great way of preventing sweat and deodorant staining on your vintage garments. Each packet comes with several pairs of pads and they vary in shape and colour. Each pad looks a little like an open clam shell with sticky adhesive on both sides that you use to adhere the pad to your garment. Obviously, these pads work best if your garment has sleeves as both sides of pad can adhere to the material however, some pads have a perforated centre line you can tear or cut along for garments that are sleeveless.

These pads stay stuck to your garment for several wears and I’ve left them on for up to 5 outings because as much as a clean pad is great, I’m really trying to reduce my waste (plus I don’t always wear a garment for long especially if it’s just for a shoot or something). I do still wear deodorant whilst I have these pads on because you know, they don’t stop you sweating. Some of the pads I have found are scented with floral scents being the most popular. I personally don’t mind the scented pads but I know that fragrance is a deal breaker for some.

If you are an excess sweater, self conscious about your sweating or a nervous sweater, I’d highly recommend getting a set of these pads for yourself. Personally I wish I had them in high school because the material our uniforms were made out of was not forgiving to sweat or any moisture stains. These pads would also be great if you are doing a show, pageant or performance as they are discreet, can be easily concealed and will give you a little extra confidence. I know sweating is normal and natural but if I can have one less thing to think about during the Aussie summer, I will take it. Also, as I said above, I don’t have to worry about my vintage getting damaged or stained.

It’s easy for me to head to my closest Daiso store but I completely understand if you live somewhere without a Daiso (we only got one in Perth recently so I feel your pain). After a bit of web surfing, I found a few places at various price points for you to check out.

AliExpress sells a resusable sweat pad set which you attach to your bra or singlet straps. They are washable and a great investment if you want something more environmentally friendly. I think I might get myself a pair soon. A pair retails for about $2 AUD. Link here.

YesStyle sells a small variety of adhesive sweat pads which claim to be fragrance free and can absorb over 10ml of liquid. A packet of 20 pads retails for around $15. Link here.
If you plan to shop at YesStyle, feel free to use my coupon code MONMON8 at checkout for an extra discount.
Similar product can also be found here.

If shopping from Amazon is more your comfort, I found a similar product but I personally haven’t tried it. The Sirona disposable underarm sweat pads come in a 12 pack and claim to be absorbent, odour blocking and help to fight hyperhidrosis. They retail for about $9.99 AUD. Link here.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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