I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory Pyjama Review

Let’s start with a reminder that I’m an Aussie and we spell it ‘pyjamas’ which is the same in most English speaking countries as opposed to ‘pajamas’ which is the American way. Great, now that thats cleared up, let’s talk about pyjamas. I absolutely love pyjamas. As an adult, I’ve realised just how exciting getting pyjamas as a gift is and just how comfortable and cosy you can feel them. I normally buy one new pair of pyjamas a year (alternating between summer and winter pyjamas as needed) as I wear pyjamas around the house and normally wear them out within a few years. I just happened to be browsing some information sites when I saw an ad for pyjamas, even though it was summer still, I was attracted to the cuteness and decided to click on the ad. This is how I ended up with my very own pair of ‘I Love Lucy’ pyjamas.

Miss MonMon reviews ‘I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory’ pyjamas from Pajamagram.
Miss MonMon reviews ‘I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory’ pyjamas from Pajamagram.

As a big Lucille Ball fan, it’s odd that I don’t have much merchandise featuring her even though I have a few pieces from her collaboration with Unique Vintage from about 2 years ago. In saying that, these pyjamas are everything I need for a cozy night in winter. From Pajamagram, the “”I Love Lucy”” Chocolate Factory Pyjamas were part of a small “I Love Lucy” collection which has both summer and winter pyjamas. By the time I cottoned on to this collection, it has had a few releases all with different styles but I’m so glad I was able to get the Chocolate Factory design as it’s honestly one of my favourite episodes. So today I thought I’d give you a quick review of these pyjamas incase you are wanting to get your own.

These pyjamas are perfect for any Lucy fan; they come in a set with a 3/4 sleeve shirt and long pants to match. The top is made from cotton jersey, is pink with 3/4 sleeves, and a screen printed cartoon depiction of Ethel and Lucy shoving chocolate into their mouths as their supervisor yells to speed up the conveyor belt. There’s an ‘I Love Lucy’ logo on the lower side as well which is super cute. The shirt has a scoop neck top with a curved hem on the bottom. She is very soft, warm and comfortable.

Miss MonMon reviews ‘I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory’ pyjamas from Pajamagram.
Miss MonMon reviews ‘I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory’ pyjamas from Pajamagram.

The matching long pants come in the same shade of pink cotton jersey and feature more stylised depictions of the infamous chocolate factory scene. Depictions include that of Ethel and Lucy juggling candy, panic eating chocolate, the factory supervisor yelling, the ‘I Love Lucy’ logo and of course, Ethel and Lucy at the conveyor belt. The pattern also has a scattering of wrapped and unwrapped chocolates floating about which is kind of super adorable. The pants has a red drawstring at the waist as well as elastic for a comfortable fit as well as making it easy to remove them and put them on. The pant legs have a big of wiggle room around the legs so they don’t look like leggings when worn.

I ordered a size medium which has a 29 inch waist as I like having my pyjamas be nice and loose and comfortable. I’m normally 27 or 28 inch at the waist so I find the wast super comfortable when worn. I think I would add no more than an extra inch to the pant legs because I do have a pair of long gangly legs but I have this issue with most pants. The top is really soft and comfortable, I think I would have preferred long sleeves as when I get cozy, I like to hide my hands inside my sleeves and I can’t do that in this set. Regardless, the overall fit is quite comfortable and not too tight or too lose. When worn together, this set is really cute, fun and cozy. I love the colour and the cute illustrations; even just looking at them makes me smile.

Miss MonMon reviews ‘I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory’ pyjamas from Pajamagram.
Miss MonMon reviews ‘I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory’ pyjamas from Pajamagram.

It’s rather exciting that the collaboration between Pajamagram and I Love Lucy is official and this set is considered an officially licensed item. Each item in this collection has official licensing information stating, “I LOVE LUCY and related marks are trademarks of CBS Broadcasting, Inc. © 3017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights reserved. Images of Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz are licensed by Desilu, too, LLC. Licensing by Unforgettable Licensing”. It’s great knowing that the items in this collection have been designed and approved by the official team at ‘I love Lucy’. The pyjamas arrived in a plastic bag with the Pajamagram logo all over it. After looking up a few reviews, I noticed that some people said that originally their orders would arrive in cute silk pouches but it’s only recent that they now come in plastic packaging.

The original listing for this item on the Pajamagram website is no longer available but I have managed to find it from other sellers. I actually bought mine from a stockist on Amazon (currently unavailable), but I did find it still available on this Lucy merchandise site. I want to know I have never purchased from this site before so I cannot comment on their reliability, customer service or legitimacy. This site does have a range of other I Love Lucy pyjamas and I believe part of the original collection also had a summer version of this set as well.

Miss MonMon reviews ‘I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory’ pyjamas from Pajamagram.
Miss MonMon reviews ‘I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory’ pyjamas from Pajamagram.

Overall, this is a super cute pyjama set and I will be keeping an eye out for more designs in the future. I feel super cute whilst wearing it and as the weather cools down, I look forward to getting all cozy as the day unwinds. As I’ve just come out of some illness recovery, these have been my go-to pyjamas and I am not ashamed to say I have spent multiple days in a row wearing this set. The set is also machine washable making it easy to clean but I haven’t put it in the dryer and have only used the drying rack. So far, the pyjamas have not started to pill and the screen printing hasn’t cracked or broken.

Miss MonMon reviews ‘I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory’ pyjamas from Pajamagram.

I’d also recommend these pyjamas as a gift idea to any Lucille Ball fan and one of my friends mentioned that similar pyjamas featured in the tv show ‘Gilmore Girls’ so I guess if you’re a fan these would also be a great gift. I love these pyjamas and really want a similar summer set and the fleece winter set with the button up shirt because all the designs are cute and I love the quality and comfort of these pyjamas so far. I guess it’s time to wind down for the day so until the next post, I wish you a cosy blanket, delicious cup of tea and some cute jam jams.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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