Sarsparilly True Love Collection Review

Although Valentine’s Day is over for another year, I still find myself gravitating towards love heart core fashion especially if it’s done in a retro or vintage style. We’ve looked at Sarsparilly many times on this blog but I’ve yet to do a review of their True Love collection which came out a year ago. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to review these two dresses for you but I’ve never lived through such an intense period of time and I’m still catching up. Regardless, here we are, ready to dive into two of my favourite pieces from Sarsparilly’s True Love collection.

**Please Note: Sarsparilly is currently on a half-year break as they find a new supplier and warehouse so their items cannot be purchased at the time of this post’s publication. They are scheduled to return in June of 2023**

The first dress is The Gift dress which is everything a retro gal needs come Valentines’s Day. Made out of a high-quality cotton sateen, this slightly stretchy dress is designed with the rightest red and pink design featuring a pink background and red stylized bows all over. The bodice features a frontal statement bow which is pretied and fixed on so you don’t have to worry about tieing it up every time you wish to wear this dress. The bodice features a small slit from the neckline towards the bust which isn’t overly large so you don’t have to worry about a peeking bosom but still noticeable for added cuteness. The back bodice has an invisible centre zipper with a top button for added strength in the closure.

Miss MonMon wears Sarsparilly The Gift dress from the True Love collection.
Miss MonMon wears Sarsparilly The Gift dress from the True Love collection.

The skirt of The Gift dress is fully gathered and thick and lush. You don’t have to worry about a thin see-through skirt here and it’s also very comfortable. The dress also has a matching belt with belt loops but I found it easier to wear the belt without being looped in as it just sits better on my slightly longer torso but for these photos, I used the loops. Sarsparilly have this dress available in sizes XXS-4X and they also ship worldwide. 

This dress is truly a statement piece and something that will literally stop people in their tracks. I found that I wore it a lot in cooler weather with a cardigan (either pink or red) as it just brightened up the winter season. To style this dress, I often wear heart-shaped earrings and my heart beret from hood London but of course you can style this however you want. Find the dress here.

Miss MonMon wears Sarsparilly The Gift dress from the True Love collection.

When it comes to size, if you aren’t familiar with Sarsparilly, the sizing is very generous and I’d recommend sizing down. Sarsparilly has gone through a few manufacturing warehouses so their sizing has changed over time, for this particular collection, I had the size Small but I could definitely have gone down to a XS. I am normally a medium in clothing (waist 28 inches) so definitely check the sizing chart if you are looking at Sarsparilly. There was a time I was a Medium in their items and now I go between a small and extra small. Sorry if this doesn’t help but maybe checking out some of my previous reviews may give you a better idea.

The second dress I get to review is the Love and Kisses Dress from the True Love Collection. This is probably my favourite dress from the whole True Love collection mainly because it instils visions of romantic walks, picnics and slow-motion cute running during sunset. This is one of my favourite style of dresses; the gathered bosom bodice which reminds me of peasant blouses, the iconic blue Marilyn Monroe dress and drindle style outfits. The Love and Kisses dress from Sarsparilly’s True Love collection features a gathered bust bodice, adjustable thin spaghetti straps with decorative bows, a straight waist and a smooth back bodice. The dress has an invisible back zipper and a hook and eye closure for added support. I personally find having adjustable spaghetti straps really helpful with this dress as it allows for a range of busts to fit and be adjusted to look good.

Miss MonMon wears Sarsparilly Love and Kisses dress from the True Love collection.
Miss MonMon wears Sarsparilly Love and Kisses dress from the True Love collection.

The skirt of this dress is gathered with pockets. The dress comes with a matching grommet belt and belt loops. I adore the fabric choice for this dress as it has a mainly plain white background but it heavily adorned with stylized X’s and O’s to represent the Love and Kisses idea making the dress quite sweet and romantic. I’ve always loved how unique all the Sarsparilly fabrics were and this collection features some very cute designs which I love. Sarsparilly have this dress available in sizes XXS-4X and they also ship worldwide. 

Miss MonMon wears Sarsparilly Love and Kisses dress from the True Love collection.

In terms of size, this dress is a size small but I’d definitely opt for a size XS. In saying that, these photos were taken after being ill for several months and I had lost a fair amount of weight so my normal clothes don’t fit me overly well at the moment. You can see along the top line of the bodice, especially in the underarm area, she’s a little baggy as I’ve lost my normal bosom and don’t quite fill anything out like I used to. I hope to put some weight back on and have this dress fit me better but that’s a few months away at the current moment for me. Trust me when I say, nothing in my wardrobe fits me anymore and it sucks. Find the dress here.

All the pieces from the Sarsparilly True Love collection are stunning and so much can be done in terms of styling. Sarsparilly allows you to inject some colour and fun into your wardrobe which will literally stop traffic. The quality of all their pieces is extremely high and worthy of the price tag. All the dresses are properly finished and made of high quality products and I’d definitely keep recommending their items. Once their store reopens later in 2023, I cannot wait to see what they release next.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.


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