Pinup Doll Australia – The Final Installment

Now that the dust has settled on Pinup Doll Australia 2018, it’s time for my final installment in this mini blog series.

Packing for Sydney was really stressful but I made sure that each outfit had it’s own checklist and large ziplock bag so I could put all the accessories inside and not forget anything. I was lucky enough to be traveling with my partner so I could fit some of my gowns and larger dresses in his suitcase. We barely made everything fit as it was. We had a day in Sydney before the drive up to The Entrance but unfortunately, due to Endo flares I slept for most of the day.

The night before the pageant, the nerves really started getting to me. I remember reflecting on the year that just went by and all the work, time and effort that myself and those around me had put into PDA. I started feeling overwhelmed; what if I stumbled or didn’t impress the judges? Would it all be a waste? Would I disappoint everyone? I took extra time setting my hair and really struggled to fall asleep; my mind just kept thinking and panicking over every little thing. I hoped my concealer would hide the bags under my eyes the next morning.

When the sun finally came up, the first thing I had on for that day was a fashion parade as part of Pinup Doll All-Stars. I was modeling for Rainbows and Fairies and I had a cute flamingo dress chosen for me. Because of the stress, lack of sleep and the fact I had come down with a head cold, my Endo hit me like a ton of bricks. I could barely stand straight for most of the morning and I started getting really upset. It would be devastating to pull out of the race before it had already started so I made sure to sit down, take medication, drink heaps of water and try to relax. Luckily after the fashion parade, we had a few hours break so I had a short nap and took more meds which picked me up a bit. I redid my hair because it was ruined and got ready for rounds 1 and 2, talent and charity.

For talent, I did a fan dance performance to INXS ‘I need you tonight’ and I actually had a lot of fun with it. Having the pageant outside meant that holding large fans was difficult as they kept creating a heavy drag as I moved them about. I was worried I might snap one of the arms like I had done before but luckily it didn’t happen. At one point I nearly dropped my fan because the wind was just too strong but I held on with all my might. For round two, we had to give a two-minute speech about our chosen charity, why we chose them and what we did to raise money. I didn’t write anything down and decided to just be myself on stage and talk to those around me. I didn’t want my speech to be sad, sympathy for having Endo would be the last thing I needed, instead, I aimed to make the judges laugh. I gave it my best shot and thanked everyone for listening. When I left the stage, I noticed an older lady make a beeline for me and when she approached, she told me that she will be getting a hysterectomy done next week and she was petrified but after hearing my speech she felt like she wasn’t alone anymore. I couldn’t help it, I had to give her the biggest hug and tell her that she will never be alone as an Endo warrior. I also referred her to some support groups and gave her links on where to get more information.



Two down, two to go! After an hours break, rounds 3 and 4 (day wear and evening wear) were about to start. For day wear, I decided to tell the story of a girl shopping in Paris and after doing some damage on her credit card, checks her bill to find a huge surprise. I was dressed head to toe in PDA sponsors and loved having my shopping bag, shoes and receipt role as a prop. For evening wear, I wore a dress I found whilst traveling in California earlier in the year and a vintage flower in my hair. On stage, I told the story of a girl waiting for her beau to pick her up and take her to a ball. Before going on stage, my vintage bag broke so I had to carry my lipstick prop in my bra and I definitely lost points for having a tiny prop. I wish I didn’t have a suitcase limit!


It was all over before I knew it and feeling absolutely exhausted, I ate dinner and went to bed feeling no less nervous than I had the night before. When I woke up on crowning day, the weather had taken a turn for the worse and it was raining, cold and dark. Luckily I packed a cardigan and after changing my shoes to avoid them getting ruined in the mud, I went to go meet the girls for crowning. There were nerves and anticipation in the air; we were all exhausted and we were all nervous and excited to hear the results. Crowning seemed to take forever but fly by all at the same time. Hearing my friends be called up for top titles such as Best Hair and Miss Congeniality was a huge thrill to see hard work being paid off! I never expected to be called for Best Makeup, People’s Pinup and most of all, Miss Charity (a title I had really wanted since I first learned we had to do charity as part of the competition).


When it came time to announce the placeholders, I couldn’t help but wish that everyone could have won. They all deserved it and everyone had worked so hard! I loved seeing each friend be called one at a time and claim their second runner-up prize, it was a real thrill. I was so excited watching everyone be called, I didn’t realize I had made it to the top five. We were called forward and all stood together. Before I knew it, it was just myself and Miss Melissa Kay. I remember holding her hand and thinking that she is so beautiful, kind and genuine, a true queen and a well deserving girl. We were told that there was a one point difference between us and that’s when it really hit me. We stood there in front of everyone and said that we didn’t care at the point, to be both that close meant that we were both equal winners. We laughed that we should split Australia into two halves and rule over them together.


It is with absolute pleasure and honour that I am to announce that I am Pinup Doll Australia Runner Up for 2018. With a one-point lead, Miss Melissa Kay is now the new reigning queen and I couldn’t be prouder. After all the shiny crowns, titles, prizes, and dresses had faded away, I remember feeling so happy that I had a chance to work, collaborate and meet all these amazing women who had raised thousands of dollars for their respected charities, performed impeccably in front of the judges and had blown me away. I loved laughing with them, doing a final hair and lipstick check before they went on stage, cheering them on and getting to know each and everyone.

What an absolute whirlwind Pinup Doll Australia was!

Miss Charity: Miss Mon Mon

Best Hair: Melissa Kay Pinup

Best Makeup: Miss Mon Mon

Best Wardrobe: Miss Kiss Kiss Bang

Best Talent: Miss Melissa Kay

People’s Pinup: Miss Mon Mon

Miss Congeniality: Miss Deeshy Dee

Pinup Doll Australia 2018 Runner Up: Miss Mon Mon

Pinup Doll Australia 2018 Winner: Miss Melissa Miss


Now that it’s all over, I have finally thanked all those who have helped me, I have put away my dresses and gowns and have been so grateful for my prizes from sponsors. I feel like there is so much more I could say about the event but now that a little time has passed I feel like I’ve already said everything that needs to be said. Pinup Doll Australia has been a crazy rollercoaster of a pageant and I wish I could do it all again.  To have done so much in so little time and have come so close to the top, the ending has been bittersweet. I never thought I could do something like this and I have surprised myself many a time throughout the whole year of planning. I could not be prouder to stand next to all of this year’s entrants and call them my dear friends and PDA sisters. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things these ladies do next.

It’s been an absolute rollercoaster of an adventure being a part of Pinup Doll Australia
Thank you to all the organizers of Pinup Doll Australia including Melissa for your tireless dedication, patience, organization and coaching throughout the entire year.
Thank you to all the judges for your time, support and guidance.
Thank you to all the sponsors who donated prizes and special offers for our event.

Viva La Vintage
Rainbows and Fairies
MisKonduct Klothing
Debstar Designs
My 50’s Closet
The Pinup Registry
Lady A Broad
Sarah Jean Lashes
Resin Doll
Kitten D’Amour
Minxy Vixen
Miz Smitten Kitten
Beyond the Sea Swimwear
Besame Cosmetics
Velvet-Rose’s Pin Up Dressing Room
Tantalising Treasures
Retro Raven
Natasha Marie Clothing
Tattooed Zombie
Eva Baker Hair and Makeup
Cut throat clothing
Kitty Deluxe
Ponyboy Vintage
Rock ‘n’ Retro
Susan Jane Jewellery
House of Lara
Absolutely Alice Accessories
Georgie Girl by Sandra
Lyv Brooches
Titchy Yosie’s

Thank you to all the girls competing for bring your absolute best and being so supportive, empowering and positive about the whole experience.

Thank you to all those that supported me by donating, voting, sending supportive messages and so much more.
Thank you to all Endometriosis Australia for allowing me to fundraise for you and for all the amazing work that you do.
Thank you to my family and friends for listening to me talk about PDA for a year, dealing with my meltdowns and running around like crazy.

To everyone else, just, THANK YOU! I feel like so many people have made my PDA journey so memorable and incredible. I am honoured to hold the Runner-Up title and having only one point between myself and the top title. The level of professionalism and performance on stage was so high, it’s no wonder it took over 9 hours to calculate the final results.
Congratulations to Miss Melissa Kay for taking the title and to Miss Deeshy Dee for Miss Congeniality.

When I started this journey, I didn’t think I could ever make it very far, and now I am home with four national titles. I am so excited for the future and will honour PDA forever.

Thank you to all those who were apart of my Pinup Doll Australia journey.

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