Lavender and Peach Turband Review

I’ve never made it a secret that even though I am a full-time pinup, I still struggle doing pinup and vintage hair. Hair has never been one of my skills but it’s also a slow learning process for me. Luckily, I’ve discovered ways of cheating with pinup hair and one of my favorite ways is by using hair wraps and turbans. Hair turbans can give you an instant glamorous and high fashion look and feel to any outfit and can jazz up a plain outfit. I often wear turbans and wraps to both hide hair mistakes and to pull an outfit together. When I was asked by Lavender and Peach boutique to review their new ‘turband’ range I was beyond excited especially when I saw all the amazing colours and patterns they came in! A turband is much like a normal turban, but its also closely related to a headband in that the design is circular and you don’t have to tie it into your head. Even though it’s summer, these turbands will give you the perfect exotic beach getaway vibes and I can’t wait to enjoy them all year around.

Lavender and Peach is an Australian small business with big dreams. They sell a wide selection of high-quality head wraps and turbands styled with a vintage flair. Originally, turbands were tied around the head to stop hair getting caught in machinery during the war eras but also featured as fashionable and exotic. Turbands would feature a bow or embellishment in the front if it was for a special occasion and would sometimes be made out of the same colour or fabric as the main garment women would wear. It’s also important to acknowledge that many cultures outside the western world wear turbans as part of religious or cultural reasons. As cultures began mingling in the 50’s, many fashion houses of the time drew inspiration from turbans and made them a popular accessory. Luckily for us today, we don’t need to learn how to tie turbans as Lavender and Peach have done all the hard work for us.

The Lavender and Peach turbands are inspired by the 1940’s, are hand stitched and made of the highest quality stretch velvet. They are fully lined for optimal comfort and are pre-tied and stitched into place so you don’t have to re-tie them every time. They easily slip on like a headband and can be worn in a few different ways. When they first arrived, the package was beautifully wrapped and included information sheets about the company. I personally love when companies tell you a bit about themselves as then you know who you are supporting and Lavender and Peach are truly an amazing company. They are part of One Girl; a charity empowering girls through education. One Girl is committed to educating 1 million girls across Africa, and Lavender & Peach is excited to contribute to this vision. Together they’re changing the world, one girl at a time which to me, it pretty dang amazing.

I found the turbands really easy to style as I had the option of complimentary colours or going for contrasts and having more fun with my outfits. The turbands all came from the Spring collection featuring beautiful floral prints that will be a lot of fun to wear all year round. The turbands were really stretchy and easy to put on and once in place, they barely moved so I didn’t even need to pin them onto my head. This also meant I didn’t have to wear them right at the front of the head and could wear them a bit further back if I decided to wear a victory roll or a Bettie Bang at the front of my hair. I loved having the hand-stitched bow on the front as it added an element of fun and glamour to my outfits.

Turband in Ruby

The Ruby turband is a gorgeous, bright magenta pink colour with a white velvet lining. The fabric pattern features pink flowers in an oriental print.

Link here.


Miss MonMon wearing Lavender and Peach turban in Ruby. Photo by CELPhotography.


Turband in Gold

Possibly my personal favourite of the lot, the Gold turband features the same printed oriental flower pattern as the Ruby but in a deep mustard gold shade. This turband also has white velvet lining and pre-tied front bow.

Link here.


Miss MonMon wearing Lavender and Peach turban in Gold. Photo by CELPhotography.


Turband in Black Spot

I can see this turband getting the most wear out of the lot. Black is always a really versatile colour and with the tiny silver spots over the velvet fabric, this turband felt extra glamorous and fancy.

Link here.


Miss MonMon wearing Lavender and Peach turban in Ruby. Photo by CELPhotography.


Turband in Green

This turband is a rich emerald green colour and features a gorgeous blue floral design. Whoever said blue and green should not be seen, had never seen this stunning turban for themselves.

Link here.


Miss MonMon wearing Lavender and Peach turban in Green. Photo by CELPhotography.


Final thoughts

I love me a good headwrap and these turbands from Lavender and Peach boutique are absolutely brilliant. They really help elevate an outfit to be more glamorous, fun and vintage. The entire spring collection features colours and prints that are versatile for every wardrobe and the style and design of the turbands means that they can be worn in several different ways.

If you have been thinking about getting a good headband/turban, look no further. I highly recommend Lavender and Peach; their customer service is amazing and their ethics are fabulous.

Photos by CELPhotography. 

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