Brisbane Vintage Shopping Haul

My feet have barely touched the ground since I’ve come back from Brisbane just a few days ago and what a wonderful trip it was. Like most trips, I made sure to squeeze in a touch of vintage shopping and during this trip, I think I hit the motherload!

Watch my full haul video here:

The places I visited were as follows:
Camp Hill Antique Centre and Tart Cafe: This place was such a dream to browse through and hosted a vast collection of wonderful things. A majority of my items came from the Remember When stall on the top floor and the rest were found scattered throughout. I really recommend this place if you love vintage and antiques; there is an amazing little cafe at the front which sells delicious tea and tarts so you can make the most of your day.

Empire Revival, Paddington: Much like Camp Hill, Empire Revival is also a large ex-theatre set up divided into multiple smaller units. Last time I was in Brisbane I found lots of wonderful items but this time I only found one. This goes to show that with vintage shopping, you need to keep going back because you never know when you’ll find a true treasure.

Retro Metro, Paddington: Tucked away inside an old garage, this store is run by Colin who is one of the most passionate vintage lovers I have ever met. I found several beautiful things inside this store and would highly recommend everyone going to visit and browse his beautiful items.

SWOP: This company has a few stores throughout the city and although they do stock a little bit of 1950’s clothing, there is a greater selection of the 80s and ’90s. However, the store is well laid out, open, right and very clean. If you’re lucky you can find a hidden gem!

Belle Folie, Brisbane Arcade: Although not a clothing store, this small boutique is an Aladdin’s cave of wonderful vintage inspired hats, bags and accessories. I managed to find some absolutely fabulous hats all completed with vintage trims and millinery accessories and a super cute brooch which I forgot to put in the video. If you love hats and super cute bags, check out this wonderful little store.

I really did find some beautiful things and I can’t wait to enjoy them all in the future. If you’re on youtube, please subscribe to my channel and follow along with my vintage adventures! I’d really appreciate the support on this new venture!

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