The Quick Flick Review

Winged eyeliner is very personal to a pinup; some girls love a dark and dramatic wing, some prefer a short wing and others opt out completely. No matter what your preference, mastering winged eyeliner is a bit of a challenge when starting out with pinup so it’s always exciting when someone discovers an easy way to apply it. Enter, The Quick Flick.
The Quick Flick is a ‘life proof’ stamp-on eyeliner pen; on one side of the pen is the stamper and on the other is a felt tip eyeliner pen used to fill in the rest of the liner after the wing is stamped on. It is available in four sizes and a selection of colours from the Quick Flick website or Priceline. Upon ordering, you get two pens; one right and one left and they retail for around $34.95. The company is vegan and cruelty-free and also offer free international shipping. I thought I would give this product a test run to see how it fairs.

Water, iron oxide, jojoba oil (hardened), triglycerides (vegetable oil blend), vegetable oil (hydrogenated), shea butter, mica, canola oil, candelilla wax, glycerin fatty acid ester (plant origin), carnauba wax, vitamin e, sunflower oil, vitamin c

The Quick Flick claims to create a flawless flick that is beautiful and on point every time! The Quick Flick in Grand 12mm is the perfect “dramatic wing” measuring 12mm in size for a classic and dramatic winged cat eye look. No need to dip into ink or line with liquid, The Quick Flick is pre-loaded with ink so you can stamp, line and go. The stamping pen claims to last over 100 applications and the formula promises to be smudge, water and smear proof.

How to Use:
After priming your eyelid, line the bottom of the stamp with the edge of your upper lash line and stamp gently. Use the eyeliner pen included to fill in and shape.

When I first saw the stamping pen, I was a bit intimidated and worried about it. It reminded me of the cute stamping pens I had in primary school so I felt I had enough practice from my childhood to be able to stamp something on my face. When I first tried the stamp I don’t think I pressed the stamp down correctly as I was worried I would slip or push it into my eye crease and cause a big mess so it does take a bit of getting used to. After a week of use, I think I’ve finally gotten the courage to apply it correctly. At first, another issue I faced was making sure that the angle of the stamps was the same on both eyes. Sometimes one would be higher than the other and I’d have to remove it and start again. If you are thinking of purchasing this product, play and test it out a few times to get used to it.
The formula definitely works best if the eyelid is primed. When I first tested it on my hand, I noticed the formula seeped into the cracks on my hand but after I applied primer and eyeshadow to my eyelids, the stamp didn’t crack or bleed. The formula is definitely waterproof and it doesn’t smudge off. To remove it, I just used my normal makeup remover and it came right off without too much of an issue.
After a week of use, I am really loving the Quick Flick eyeliner. It certainly does make the application of wings easier and I can see this being amazing for those with an illness that prevents them from doing their makeup easily. I recommended this to a friend with issues with her muscles and she said she found it very quick to do her liner now and her arms don’t need to be kept up for very long.
The only issues I had with this product is that it does come with two pens meaning more landfill in the long run. I am also worried if one dries out faster than the other or if one gets lost. I also would have liked for the pen itself to be labeled ‘left’ or ‘right’ instead of just the lid as I’m worried that somewhere along the line I mix them up and have wonky eyeliner. Depending on your budget, the eyeliner is a bit pricey but the formula and the convenience you get from the product does help bulk out it’s worth.
I would recommend this product to anyone who struggles with eyeliner or just wants to achieve a winged eyeliner really quickly. I wish I had this pen when I was running late to work in the mornings as you can do your eyeliner within a minute or two.

If you havn’t already, please check out my video review and subscribe to my YouTube channel. It would mean the world to me! Thank you.

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