Monthly Outfit Recap – March

How are we already a quarter of the way through the year. It’s always around now that I like to revisit my goals and aspirations that I set myself for the year and see if I need to make any adjustments. I’ve realized that I need to look after my health a lot more as it’s slowed me down a lot and impacted me trying to complete the 100 days of vintage challenge, but having some downtime has also been really nice (once I’ve stopped stressing that I’m not working). I’m trying to find more time to do things that are just for me and not work related and I have had to alter goals to either break them up into smaller steps or make them bigger if they have already been achieved. Besides this, March was an interesting mix of chaos, goal smashing and rest. Looking forward to all the cute outfits over the Easter month.


Miss MonMon wearing Tatyana Sailor Dress, Charlie Stone shoes, Lola Von Rose white bag and vintage scarf. 


Miss MonMon wearing true vintage dress from Retro Metro


Miss MonMon wearing Green Hepburn dress from Pretty Dress Company and vintage scarf.


Miss MonMon wearing true vintage dress from Vintage Fixation, Melissa shoes, and hat from Behida Dolic Millinery. 


Miss MonMon wearing true vintage dress purchased in New York and Deluxe Creations Earring. 


Miss MonMon wearing Kova Kiss Pretty in Pink dress. 



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