SocialEras ft. Abeātis Activewear Review

In the past year, I have become a person who kind of enjoys working out; if it’s not a full workout, it’s at least half an hour of stretches in the morning. In doing this, I have started a very small collection of activewear and have started having a few favorites. I was recently contacted by a company called Social Eras who sell a wonderful range of activewear amongst other things, so I thought I’d test them out.
Social Eras prides itself on being a ‘social brand’ or a ‘Direct to consumer brand’ meaning that they look to the buyers to be informed on upcoming trends and consumer needs. Social Era’s works directly with the manufacturers to help lower costs, promote small businesses and brands and aims so social responsibility, ethical manufacturing, transparency in pricing, being eco-friendly and at the forefront of innovation in design and quality. I decided to choose a sports bra and leggings from the brand Abeatis which is designed in France and chose the Jazzy Sports bra and Jazzy leggings in grey with pink tops.

Video Review

SocialEras Abeātis Jazzy Sport Bra
This bra was ridiculously comfortable and supportive. The fabric had a good amount of stretch in it but was still strong enough to handle light running and stretching. The razorback cut didn’t dig into my skin or pinch in any way that made it uncomfortable. I felt really good in this bra and even after several workouts, I never felt like I was spilling out from the sides, top or back. Also, I wasn’t flattened and pressed flat like a pancake which made me feel good because no one likes pancake bosoms. I ordered the Medium which fit me perfectly; this sports bra retails for around $46AUD but is currently on sale. The bra prides itself on being a dry-fit activewear sport bra that stands up to the toughest workouts day in, day out. Abeatis Active Techwear items provide advanced breathability, ample warmth and expertly engineered hygroscopy that wicks away sweat without drying out your skin. It claims to be a medium support sports bra with a racerback Design and Jacquard Elasticated Band. It also anti-odor activated and shape retaining.


SocialEras Abeātis Jazzy Leggings
I’m a big believer in booty comfort, especially when it comes to leggings and activewear so I was really happy to find that these leggings were really comfortable as well. Whilst stretching they never dug in, slipped down or went see-through/white from stretching. There’s nothing worse than trying to stretch and your leggings go white from the fabric overstretching or go see through and everyone sees your undergarments. These leggings were perfect for that! I did find them get a bit crotch hungry and the camel toe emerged but that might just be because of sizing. I ordered a Medium and as I work out, I’ll eventually work my way back to a small so hopefully, they won’t ride up too much after. The leggings didn’t have a pocket or anything overly fancy but comfort is always paramount whilst working out. These leggings generally retail for $50AUD but are also on sale currently. The leggings are described as dry-fit activewear leggings that stand up to the toughest workouts day in and day out. Abeatis Active Techwear items provide advanced breathability, ample warmth, and expertly engineered hygroscopy that wicks away sweat without drying out your skin. They have an elasticated Jaquard Waist, anti-odor activation, seamless tailoring, a full leg inseam, and superior shape retention.


Final Thoughts
Hurray! I found some great activewear that I will continue to wear and enjoy in the future. SocialEras has some really wonderful products and brands so I would highly recommend you check them out and see if you find anything of interest. If you are after some high-quality activewear, look no further.
This company was a delight to deal with and I am really happy that they wanted to collaborate with me. To continue the love, we have a special code to give all those interested a discount of10%off their next purchase. Use discount code: mon 

Further Information:
Sports Bra:ātis
Sports Leggings:ātis

**Please Note: this is not a paid advert and although goods were received, all opinion expressed are honest, my own and not influenced in anyway, shape or form** 

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