Erstwilder Art Deco Review

If you’re interested in dressing vintage or pinup, you’ve probably heard of the resin jewelry brand, Erstwilder. Erstwilder is famous worldwide for its amazing bright resin jewelry including brooches, necklaces, and earrings. Originating from Melbourne in 2011, the company has continued to grow, expand and release some really beautiful and unique pieces. I remember my first piece being Mia the Owl (in white) which I think I received in 2013/4 and thinking that there is something very special about this company and its pieces. Fast forward to today and Erstwilder has so many new collections in a year, each one unique and beautiful. Today, we celebrate a new collection, the Art Deco collection and I was lucky enough to get a sneaky-peak at three pieces from the new collection.

The Avant-Garde Brooch 
Am I going to get in trouble if I tell you I haven’t seen the newest film adaptation of The Great Gatsby? Well I haven’t, I’ve been busy, but this brooch really made me think of the Great Gatsby and 1920’s ladies in beautiful outfits. The brooch represents a female figure dressed in a gold glitter resin gown and drapped in a bronze/copper wrap complete with fringe and matching headpiece. The piece is made up of three different types of resins all glued together to complete the image. It’s a great size to be a statement piece and finish off a beautiful outfit. There’s an air of elegance about this brooch and it’s definitely unique and special. I have paired it here with a cream jumper from my mothers closet (my travel wardrobe is limited).



Miss MonMon Reviews Erstwilder Art Deco – The Avant-Garde brooch


Miss MonMon Reviews Erstwilder Art Deco – The Avant-Garde brooch


Shaken, Not Stirred Brooch
The next brooch I got to review is the perfect way to finish off an evening (or outfit in this case), the Shaken, Not Stirred brooch. A nod to the most iconic British spy James Bond 007, this brooch is a gorgeous martini glass complete with olive and toothpick. This brooch has something really special and beautiful about the finish of the martini itself, it’s almost dreamy and cloudy with a touch of sparkle. The glass has a stunning pearlescent like finish to it and I really just think the floating olive is a nice and cute touch. The brooch is of a good size and would look stunning when worn out to a cocktail event or just to watch 007 take sass from Judi Dench (why did they kill her off, why?!). I paired this brooch with a deep forest toned dress to draw out the colours in the olive.


Miss MonMon Reviews Erstwilder Art Deco – Shaken, Not Stirred brooch


Miss MonMon Reviews Erstwilder Art Deco – Shaken, Not Stirred brooch


Burst of Sun Brooch 
The final, and my absolute favourite from the whole collection is the Burst of Sun Brooch. I’m a huge lover of sunshine and all things astrological so this brooch was a must-have. The brooch features a circular depiction of a sunshine burst made from sparkling resin and competed with reflective circles. I think there’s something really beautiful about this brooch and much like the collections name, it’s such an iconic Art Deco image. I personally found this brooch the easiest to style as the gold tones go with a lot of colours and instantly add just a little bit of glamour to every outfit. Here I have paired it with a plain white dress so it stands out on its own and I really can’t wait to pair this with so much once I get home. This brooch would be perfect for a high-class event as it’s simple, ostentatious and beautiful.



Miss MonMon Reviews Erstwilder Art Deco – Burst of Sun brooch


Miss MonMon Reviews Erstwilder Art Deco – Burst of Sun brooch

Final Thoughts
Erstwilder is often known for its bright, colourful and cute pieces so this collection is really refreshing to see them try something a bit different. It’s clear that this collection is not going to be for everyone but the pieces being more intricate and subtle means that they can be blended into a lot of outfits and be a bit more suitable for higher events and even work. I love the uniqueness of all the pieces and the sheer range of styles and images, there’s something unique for everyone. This is a great collection and I am very grateful to Erstwilder for reaching out to me and asking me to collaborate with them. I’m excited to see their new collections.
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Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 


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