Day at the Farm Look Book – Miss MonMon Styling

Continuing on with my new Look Book series, today we are off to the farm.
There are some really classic images of Audrey Hepburn surrounded by baby animals which have always been an inspiration to me. I loved her natural beauty and how at home she was with all the animals. I grew up on a large property surrounded by animals so I’m really comfortable with them and love me a good cuddle with something cute and cuddly. This shoot came about when my friend and photographer Caitlyn (find her on Instagram here), called to say she found two stranded lambs and we were taking them to a farm so they could live a fabulous life. Of course, this meant that we could do a mini photoshoot and get some lamb cuddles.



Miss MonMon photographed by Caitlyn Martin


Miss MonMon photographed by Caitlyn Martin

This dress is from Voodoo Vixen purchased from a local store; I loved the autumn tones and pairing it with my favourite hat from Birds and Freesia. Of course, the perfect touch to these photos was Kofta the lamb.


Miss MonMon photographed by Caitlyn Martin




Miss MonMon photographed by Caitlyn Martin

I found this dress in Brisbane at Retro Metro in Paddington/Murphy’s Store. It was absolutely beautiful but unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the zip had come away from the dress seam so I was very restricted in my movements because I got a panic attack every time I heard the seams pop a little. Besides that, oh boy was the fabric soft. I also lost a button off the cuff and realized that because the cuffs were a little tight, I couldn’t move my arms much.
I finished this outfit with my large Behida Dolic straw hat. An absolute favorite item of mine which will be getting more wear as summer approaches.




Miss MonMon photographed by Caitlyn Martin


Miss MonMon photographed by Caitlyn Martin

Any excuse for a new The Pretty Dress Company Tilly dress right? I love love love this dress and it’s cut so I had to get the lemon yellow and I’m so glad I did. To make this dress a little bit more ‘farm’ like, I added a vintage white half-apron and my Birds and Fresia hat once again. Oh, and why not add a chicken!



Miss MonMon photographed by Caitlyn Martin




Miss MonMon photographed by Caitlyn Martin

The final look features my absolute favourite and first vintage dress! I bought this dress from The Way We Wore in California before I even started dressing in pinup full time. It was my first true vintage purchase and even though it was expensive, it fit me like a glove. I remember leaving the change room and the store assistant calling over the other workers because they were so excited that it fit perfectly, as though it was made for me! There is so much fabric in this skirt and although she needs a little bit of TLC, she looked gorgeous on the farm. I don’t think I had ever done a shoot in this dress despite me having her for so long. I paired this dress with my Behida Dolic dress and found some cows. The didn’t want much spotlight and were more interested in their hay bale.


More photos on my Instagram!
See you all in the next installment.


Photographer: Caitlyn Martin 
Lipstick: Outlaw by Kat Von D
Hair cut: Cherry Bomb Parlour
Styled with: Poison Apple
Dress One: Voodoo Vixen Tartan dress from Gwynnies
Dress Two: True Vintage from Murphy’s Store, Brisbane.
Dress Three: Lemon Tilly Prom dress from The Pretty Dress Company
Dress Four: True Vintage from The Way We Wore, California.
Hat Small: Birds and Fresia
Hat Large: Behida Dolic


One thought on “Day at the Farm Look Book – Miss MonMon Styling

  1. Ms. Kitsch says:

    Wonderful lookbook! All of the dresses are beautiful and the photograph of you cuddling with Kofta the lamb is just about the sweetest photo ever! I hope the darlings are enjoying their new home!


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