Erstwilder Bone Brigade Collection Review

Just when you thought Erstwilder was done with their Halloween range, BAM! There’s another one and it’s just as amazing. So for those that don’t remember, last year, Erstwilder released an animal one collection which was immensely popular and I distinctly remember people fighting over the cat brooch in particular. This year, Erstwilder has come up with some new designs with the same inspired style and I was lucky to check out my top two favourite pieces from the collection.


Miss MonMon wearing Dead-o-saurus Rex from Erstwilder


Miss MonMon wearing Dead-o-saurus Rex from Erstwilder

Ok, so the main idea behind these brooches is that the creature in question features a little symbol of something that represents their life. I love how the Dino has the comet which is both morbid and amusing. I was really pleasantly surprised by how cute the Dino was and how you could easily wear this throughout the year if you’re a dinosaur fan. Next time Scitech does its Dinosaur display, I’m wearing this little guy!


Miss MonMon wearing Tabby Tombstone from Erstwilder

Of course, I had to get the kitty brooch! I have to say that I was really impressed by the quality and detail put into this little guy! I know that by looking at the pictures alone, the little fish just looks like plain resin but in fact, it has carved scales and an eye! The glitter is really beautiful but its the fact the fish has fishy details that just shows you how much love Erstwilder has put into this collection even if it was just a small release. Also, the cat’s whiskers get me every time, SO CUTE!



Miss Vintage Orchid and Miss MonMon photographed by Caitlyn Martin for Erstwilder’s Bone Brigade collection.


If you’d like to shop the Erstwilder Halloween Collection, go here.
Photos were taken by the crazy talented Caitlyn Martin, follow her on Instagram here.
My partner in crime as always, Miss Vintage Orchid can be found here.

Coming Soon: I have written up a whole blog outlining how this shoot came to life including how all the props were handmade by yours truly. It was a labor of love over a three day period but I secretly loved every minute of it. Stay tuned!


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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