Mrs Maisel Infinity Hat from Belbeina Lee Review

All Maisel fans who have seen season two have probably ogled and drooled over the iconic yellow Catskills dress and matching infinity hat. I know I certainly paused the screen a few time just to drink in all the vintage splendour. Besides the fabulous dress and adorable earrings, the infinity hat on her head is something to admire on its own. I did a bit of googling but couldn’t find much as to the origins of the infinity hat but eventually, the universe delivered it right to my doorstep thanks to the wonderful New Zealand company, Belbeina Lee. Belbeina Lee is a one-woman company that specializes in vintage-inspired millinery mainly constructed out of using velvet ribbon. The designs are simple, elegant and very high quality.

I was recently asked by Belbeina Lee to collaborate and I was so excited! The best way to contact Belbeina Lee is via her Facebook and Instagram. She doesn’t have a website yet but she returns all messages very quickly. Once you get chatting with her, you just tell her what you want in terms of her styles and in what colour then after payment, she creates them and the items are mailed to you. Easy. Of course, I had to get the infinity hat and although I loved the original yellow colour in the series, I chose a light blue and lavender colour. Belbeina Lee also has other designs so I selected two floral designs one in a dark brown and the other in emerald green. I waited for two weeks and probably a few days to receive my package which came is a lovely black box and the items were wrapped up with tissue paper.

I was so very impressed with the quality; it was so beautifully crafted and made out of really wonderful materials that they really should be put in a museum to be admired by all. The infinity hats have an internal structure that holds the shape of the hat so you don’t have to worry too much about it bending out of shape. The outer layer is created using vintage velvet ribbons pleated into the infinity shape. It is sewn down so cleanly that it really is just a wonderfully constructed piece that you can admire. The inner lining is one of my favourite parts of these hats; each piece has really beautiful lining which matches the outer colour. It’s really cleanly and beautifully stitched in and it feels really sturdy. The insides also features two comb clips which help adhere the hat to your head.

Compared to the infinity hats, the flower hats wear a little bit closer to a headband rather than a hat. They are slightly thicker than the hats with the green floral band being the thickest of the lot. The flower bands are crafted with the same vintage velvet ribbons as the hats but they are crafted to look like daisies with the brown hat having button like flower centres and the green hat featuring beads as flower centres. Much like the infinity hats, the flower bands also feature combs sewn into the inner lining but they also have an elastic band which can be used to help adhere the band to your head.


Mrs Maisel Infinity Hat Replica from Belbeina Lee in Lavender.


Mrs Maisel Infinity Hat Replica from Belbeina Lee in Lavender.


Mrs Maisel Infinity Hat Replica from Belbeina Lee in Light Blue.


Mrs Maisel Infinity Hat Replica from Belbeina Lee in Light Blue.


Vintage Daisy Ribbon Hat from Belbeina Lee in Brown.


Vintage Daisy Ribbon Hat from Belbeina Lee in Brown.


Vintage Daisy Ribbon Hat from Belbeina Lee in Emerald Green.


Vintage Daisy Ribbon Hat from Belbeina Lee in Emerald Green.


Vintage Daisy Ribbon Hats from Belbeina Lee.


Mrs Maisel Infinity Hat Replicas from Belbeina Lee

There’s really nothing I can critique with these hats. The quality is exceptional, the customer service and the ordering process was a delight and every time I’ve worn these hats, I’ve received many compliments. These hats can be customized just by chatting with Belbeina and she even makes bridal versions for those wanting a vintage touch to their wedding day. I really hope to get a few more for myself in the future especially a yellow infinity hat like the one Midge wears to the Catskills. This would be perfect for a Midge Maisel cosplay or for those who are just huge fans of the tv series. Retail wise, the infinity hats are around $85 NZD and the daisy hats are around $95 NZD which is pretty good considering all the work that goes into making them. Personally, I love supporting small female run businesses whenever I can so these hats are definitely worth the investment.

Shop with Belbeina Lee here:

I do apologise that I don’t have any photos of myself wearing them, I’ve already been wanting to post this collab for over two months and waiting on the original photos has proven pointless and I’ve been a bit too sick to retake them myself.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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