Witchy Wednesday – Pinup Halloween Costume Ideas

Oh no! It’s almost Halloween and a costume must be sourced, but what are some easy pinup costume ideas? Oh don’t worry, I’ve got some emergency pinup Halloween costume ideas with hopefully things that can be easily found! As always, head to Google or Pinterest and find some inspiration on what you may like to be, all inspirations will be credited below.

Pinup Skeleton Lady
This one may take a bit of time (mainly waiting for paint to dry) but it’s going to be super cute! Start with a matte black long sleeve catsuit (try Asos or eBay or if you can find one from Black Milk. You can also try a black morph suit and cut the head off) and white acrylic paint. Paint a skeleton pattern onto the bodysuit (put some newspaper between the layers of fabric so you don’t accidentally paint on the wrong side). Give your bodysuit enough time to dry and the basics of the costume is done. From here you can leave your costume as it is or add a pumpkin trick or treat bucket, a cape or sickle. Finish your look with pinup inspired hair and makeup.
Elevate the look: if you’re comfortable, add a waist cincher under the bodysuit to give your body that 50’s hourglass shape. Add black gloves and thin black socks to create a seamless bodysuit look with no skin except your head.


Illustration by Sveta Shubina. Instagram here. 

Pinup Witch
Dressing like a witch doesn’t really have a formula; a black or dark coloured dress and a witches hat can generally suffice as a witch. A simple black top and black midi or pencil skirt will also give you witchy vibes. To make your witch a little bit kitschy, play around with cute stocking (you can get some with coloured stripes, spider webs and even eyeballs and bats).
Elevate the look: For a witch, it’s all about the hat. Have fun with choosing your witches hat and feel free to decorate it as you wish if you want it to be more personal. remember you can be any type of pinup with you want so have fun with accessories and get creative. Don’t forget your broom and spell book!


Illustration from Mischief Made Clothing. I’m not 100% sure who created this image but I do not own it. Instagram here. 


Illustration by Sveta Shubina. Instagram here. 

Pinup Ghost Girl
There’s nothing cuter than seeing a trick-or-treater wearing a white sheet over their head with two cutout eye holes. Its one of those quintessential Halloween images and it can be turned pinup really easily. Going to your local Kmart or Big W (even try op shops and charity shops if you want but watch out for sinister staining) and getting a plain white flat sheet is really easy to do. Cut out two holes for your eyes and your basically ready to go. If you want to customise your ghost sheet, you can add eyelashes around the eye holes and even red lips if you want it to be extra pinup. You can wear whatever you want to underneath and feel free to have fun with stockings and shoes as most likely your feet will be showing. Finish the look with a trick-or-treat bucket.
Elevate the look: if you want to get really creative, get your hands on some sheer white fabric and use that as your ghost outfit. Because it’s see-through, you can have a lot of o fun with what you wear underneath your ghost sheet. If you want and feel comfortable, you can also wear something a little bit cheeky like cute lingerie if you feel it’s appropriate.


Illustration by Sveta Shubina. Instagram here. 

Pinup Kitty Kat Girl
Here kitty kitty kitty… this is always a fun costume and you can interpret it in a few different ways. You can use a catsuit, same as the skeleton one, create a tail and ears and call it a day or you can wear a normal bodysuit and play with fishnets and other fun stockings, it’s completely up to you. If you don’t want to wear a bodysuit, you can always find a dark top and skirt, attach a tail to a belt and pop on some cat ears. As long as you have a tail and some ears, you can be a cute kitty pinup girl.
Elevate your look: By adding accessories such as a collar and cuffs, you add an element of cuteness to your look. A lot of these accessories can easily be made from scrap material, velcro or ribbons. To push your look further, attach ethically sourced whiskers or draw them on with eyeliner. Feel free to add cat eye contact lenses and some fun lashes.
For a ready-made kitty suit with a vintage twist, go here.


Illustration author unknown. Please let me know if you know who created this image. It is not owned by me.

Pinup Bat Girl
This is another pinup costume where it doesn’t really matter what you wear underneath as long as the accessories are added. For the pinup batgirl, you can wear anything from a bodysuit and tights, a catsuit, a wiggle dress, a swing dress or a top and skirt as the base. From here, find yourself a good batwing cape or make your own. I made mine out of cheap chiffon which I cut into a semi-circle and then proceeded to cut out more semi-circles along the bottom to create that jagged effect. I finish it off by glueing black ribbon around the edges and between each of the ridges. Finish off the look with bat horns or ears depending on your preference.
Elevate your look: you can get some spooky eye contact and vampire fangs if you want to be a vampire bat and make your costume a little scarier. Add cute tights or a mask to have a bit more fun.


Illustration by Sveta Shubina. Instagram here. 

Pinup Devil Woman
This is the perfect costume if you want to add a bit of colour and show off your curves. A simple red wiggle dress and some red devil horns are perfect for this look but you can always go for a simple fit and flare dress. If you want something a little different, you can always try for a red bodysuit or a cute red top and skirt but don’t forget your horns and feel free to add a devil tail.
Elevate your look; to add a little bit more of a vintage flare, you can make yourself a hood which ties under the chin with horns on top. This sort of accessory was very popular in the ’50s and really gives you that vintage pinup Halloween style. You can also add a red cape to your look with a really big collar.
For a ready-made pinup devil outfit with a vintage twist, go here.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.29.24 pm.png

Illustration by Nathalie Rattner. Instagram here. 

Final thoughts:
There are still so many pinup inspired Halloween costumes you can do; Frankensteins monster, vampires and werewolves. A lot of these can be started with simple basics such as a black bodysuit, wiggle dress or catsuit and then it’s just the right accessories. You can really let your imagination go wild and you may be surprised that you have somethings already in your wardrobe. Remember with Halloween costumes it’s all about comfort levels so you don’t have to wear anything that you don’t want to and you don’t need to spend a lot either. Going through op/second-hand shops is a great place to start and sometimes fabric dye can be your best friend. It’s up to you how far you plan on pushing your costume.
There is no real definition of pinup that one must follow so turning even a basic costume ‘pinup’ can easily be done through hair and makeup. As long as you’re happy with how you look and you feel like a pinup, well done, you’re a pinup! Something like a bumper bang or victory rolls can be added to all of these looks and with winged liner and red lipstick, you’ll achieve the desired pinup effect. If you’re not overly confident with makeup, you can always add cosmetic grade glitter around the eyes to hide uneven liner or fake blook around your lips in case your lipstick isn’t the smoothest. Halloween is a great time to cheat and if all goes wrong, claim you’re a zombie and go extra messy!



Illustration by Sveta Shubina. Instagram here. 


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