Witchy Wednesday – Casual Halloween themed Pinup Outfits

Spooky season is here meaning we can finally start wearing all our Halloween themed clothing items… or just continue wearing them because, for some, Halloween is a gift to be shared all year round. In this post, I share style and recommend some of my favourite online stores, brands and items that can be used to create some really fun and spooky outfits for daytime wear. These aren’t really ‘costumes’ but more pinup and Halloween inspired get-ups that you can wear on an average October day. I will be hoping to post up a Halloween pinup costume idea blog before spooky season is over! Just because it’s the official season of getting dressed up, it doesn’t mean you have to wear anything you’re uncomfortable in. If you love wearing wiggle skirts, continue to wear them! If you are a cardigan queen, embrace it! The best thing about pinup is how adaptable it is to your personality, personal preferences and style.

Where to Shop:
If you’re on a budget, check out op shops and charity shops. You can find a whole range of vintage items but also items that you can easily DIY. Since it’s Halloween, you can easily dye an old dress into a lovely dark colour and you’ll feel like you have a new outfit! To add some fun, most fabric stores will have Halloween themed buttons so even changing the buttons on an old cardigan to cute pumpkins or spiders can give you that pinup Halloween feel. Cardigans can also be made to look a bit more Halloween-ey by cute iron-on patches.
Fabric stores are also great if you want to embrace your creative side. There will be heaps of Halloween material available both in stores and online so sew up a simple dress for yourself. Read my guide for easy sewing patterns here. Even if you just make a simple Halloween skirt, you can pair it with different tops and cardigans to give it more wear.
You can also shop your own wardrobe if you intend to DIY some Halloween themed items. By dying items a different colour or adding witchy embellishments, you can create a cute and casual Halloween pinup wardrobe.

If you are in the mood to do a bit of shopping, there are heaps of cute pinup clothing shops with their own Halloween items. You can get everything from dresses, tops, t-shirts, skirts, cardigans and more.
Check out some of my favourites listed here:
Micheline Pit – available at Lana Rose and Natasha Marie
Mischief Made Me
Unique Vintage
Sour Puss Clothing available at Beserk
Oblong Box Shop

If wearing a Halloween print is a bit too much for you and you want something a bit more subtle, you can always add a few cute Halloween accessories. Wearing a pinup skirt and top can easily become your favourite Halloween outfit by adding a Halloween themed brooch. I love wearing Halloween resin and acrylic accessories from stores such as Erstwilder, Daisy Jean Floral and Creep Heart.  If you want something that looks a little bit more vintage, jumping onto eBay and looking up vintage Halloween brooches could be a great alternative.

There are so many fun ways to add a little spook into your outfits this October. You don’t have to go all out if you don’t want to but there are definitely options. Feel free to experiment with colours as well; you don’t need to stick with black and orange tones and if you feel like being a pastel witch then you do that and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. Below is my inspiration board with credits so you can shop!



Image from Micheline Pitt


Image from Micheline Pitt


Image from Oblong Box Shop


Image from Oblong Box Shop


Image from Pinup Girl Clothing


Image from Pinup Girl Clothing


Image from Mischief Made Me


Image from Cat Moja



Image from Velvet DeCollete



Image from Pinup Girl Clothing



Image from Unique Vintage



Image from Erstwilder



Image from Daisy Jean Floral



Image from SourPuss Clothing



Image from SourPuss Clothing









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