Sarsparilly – Veronica Biker Jacket Review

I have a weird habit of wearing out my clothes until they are literally hanging on by a thread before I throw them out; one of my favourite items whilst living in Dublin was my black faux leather jacket which I wore until the sleeves were all peeling, the zip was busted and the lining had been resewn to about an inch of it’s life. It was a sad sad day when I said goodbye to it and put it in the trash (I seriously thought about sneaking it back out for the second time) but it’s time was done. So there I was, no leather jacket and a naked coat hanger chilling in my wardrobe until I received a fated call from Sarsparilly.

Sarsparilly is an amazing and unique small business from Newcastle NSW run by Maria, legitimately one of the most pure and best people you could ever meet. Sarsparilly prides itself on ethical fashion, being locally designed and curated as well as exceptional quality and a flare for fun and colour. They are in the process of launching the Sugar Republic collection with the Veronica Leather Jacket being one of the first items to be released and I am so excited to review it for you.


Sarsparilly Veronica Biker Jacket photographed by Sherbet Birdie Photography

The Veronica Biker Jacket is available in baby pink or light blue and is made out of 100% PU so it looks and feels like leather but isn’t making it vegan and animal friendly. There are so many cute and charming details in this jacket including a side front metal zipper with a heart shaped pulley, a buckle waist, spiked collar and best of all, red heart embroidered elbow pads. I am also particularly fond of the sleeves having zips allowing you to have the arm sleeves fitted or loose depending on your preferences. The jacket is cropped and sits snuggly on the waist with plenty of wiggle room inside. The lining inside is very silky and soft and I’m a particular fan or all the little details that have been put into the construction of this jacket. For the photos here I wore a XS but I ended up deciding on a M because I prefer my jackets looser as opposed to fitted and tight but I could have also been fine with a S. The jacket size ranges from XS to 4XL which is absolutely amazing! It retails for $153 making it a really good price for the amount of work and quality that has gone into this jacket.


Sarsparilly Veronica Biker Jacket photographed by Sherbet Birdie Photography


Sarsparilly Veronica Biker Jacket photographed by Sherbet Birdie Photography

The Veronica Biker Jacket from Sarsparilly is everything that dreams are made of and more. I normally get really cold on plane flights but I was actually rather warm in this jacket so it shows it’s not just for looks but also practicality. I love how it has a bit more of a punk feel with all the zips and buckels but then softens the edges with the heart detailing and the gorgeous elbow patches. I dont think there is anything I can fault about this jacket; I know we are heading into summer but for those in cooler climates, this jacket is a must!
I highly recommend this jacket and look forward to wearing it as often as I can.
Shop the Pink Veronica Biker Jacket here.
Shop the Blue Veronica Biker Jacket here.

A massive shout out and thank you to Sarsparilly for supplying these gorgeous jackets and outfits, to Sasha from Sherbet Birdie Pinup Photography for her mad photography skills and letting us throw paper planes at her whilst she’s trying to do her job, to Marija from Sherbet Birdie Pinup Photography for her out-of-this-world hair and makeup styling skills because without her, I would look like a drag queen potato and of course to my model partner, Meg / Wingardrium Megiosa.


Sarsparilly Veronica Biker Jacket photographed by Sherbet Birdie Photography


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way.


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