Reacting to Vintage Magazines



I’ve always had a deep love of history and of course vintage; if you ever decide to study history academically, you’ll constantly be looking at sources of information mainly snippets of articles, images, photographs, political satire, and other such things in order to gather an idea of how people lived, thought and reacted to issues. From these articles, you can pull lots of different points of view as well as see what really was considered the most cutting edge issues. This love for vintage snippets has never really left me even after completing my degree in history which is probably why I love collecting and looking at vintage magazines.

Sure we all see many magazines on newsstands or near the check out aisles; they are constantly splashed with dramatic titles, scandals, pregnancies, and dramas; most of which are fabricated for extra sales. Despite how trashy some of these magazines can be, they still offer readers an escape and an exclusive peek into the lives of celebrities as well as certain issues going on. One day, these magazines will also help future generations study socio, political and economic trends. In saying that, I’ve noticed that not many people have had the opportunity to look through a vintage magazine which is why I am so excited about today’s blog and video.

Please Note: some issues, images, and topics found in these magazines might be upsetting or offensive to certain audiences. I do not stand behind any of the issues portrayed in these magazines and do not condone racism of any kind. I am simply offering an insight into what was found in magazines during the 1920s. Although I mention certain issues, there is never enough time to discuss the history of why certain issues are wrong and although I clearly do not agree with certain topics, I hope this video and article cause no offense.



Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 


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