Erstwilder “With Love” Valentines Day Collection



Yes it’s not everyone favourite day of the year, but I do really enjoy Valentines Day just for a day to tell people how special they are to you. I believe that love, including friendship, is something to openly celebrate and to talk about. I try to often remidn people how special they are, even if it’s just a text saying “you’re amazing and I love you”, yeah I’m just a big softy. To celebrate many different kinds of love, Erstwilder has released a brand new collection to mark the holiday and it is so gloriously adorable and cute. The collection was designed by Carmen Hui and features an amazing selection of lovely little cretures celebrating love, be it friendship, motherly/family, or romantic.

Shop the collection here.

I was lucky enough to be sent a few of my favourite pieces to share with you and oh my goodness this was by far the most difficult collection for me to choose from. I even flipped a coin to choose some of these little guys. Here are my favourites but I’ll also mention the ones I didn’t get but will be purchasing from the company direct because they’re too cute to not have in my life!



Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Bee Mine Honey brooch.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Bee Mine Honey brooch.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Bee Mine Honey brooch.

Puns are amazing and yes, no matter how bad they are, I will always laugh at them. I just can’t help it. Now as a fellow bee lover, this brooch was a must have. I know i have a small collection of bee themed brooches from Erstwilder already but look how cute this little honey pot is! It has a big Winnie the Pooh feel so it could work well for a Disney Bound if you’re into that. The resin on the honey pot was really lovely and the brooch size was great to have a stand out piece. Also, look how cute the Valentines day boxes are! I couldn’t help but do a silly pose with them, they remind me of vintage candy heart boxes. So cute! I paired this brooch with one of my favourite true vintage yellow dresses for those wanting a Valentines outfit without wearing red or pink.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Love Bandit brooch.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Love Bandit brooch.

Guys! It’s a trash panda! YASSS!
Trash Panda’s are one of my favourite animals and I know, probably because I live in a country without them and don’t have to deal with them stealing my trash, i think they are super cute. To be fair, I’d rather have a trash panda than a trash turkey (Aussie Ibis… also known as a bin chicken). But I digress, lets have a look at the Love Bandit. Obviously, it’s a little raccoon but it’s markings are dsigned to look like a little bandit mask so it’s ready to steal your heart and come home with you. I particular love the little dangle gold glitter resin heart! I don’t think Erstwilder has done something like this before so it’s great to see them try new things. Personally I think it’s super cute and adds a little bit more dimension and personality to the brooch. I didn’t find the key to get in the way or to get caught on things which was an original concern. It’s also worth noting the resin the raccoon’s body is made from; the shifts and swirls of colour really add depth as well as more personality to the little guy. It’s lovely knowing that each piece will be unique to it’s owner making each item a little more special.
I am wearing this brooch with my Heart My Closet Maisel Tri-colour dress (full review here). I really wanted to pull out the creamy tones in the brooch but still have a little red to make the heart stand out. I didn’t have a brown dress to really match but anything creamy, beigh or brown would look darling!


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder You’re a Hoot brooch and Red Heart essential earring.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder You’re a Hoot brooch and Red Heart essential earring.

Awww, it’s a super cute little owl friend! In my car, I have a small fluffy owl toy which is great for long drives so I don’t feel lonely or when my niece wants a cuddle during a drive and over the years, owls have always been a special symbol in my life. When I saw You’re a Hoot from Erstwilder, it was one of my top choices, it’s just too cute! I’m a particular fan of the resin used for it’s tummy and cheeks, but also it’s design in general. It’s really compact, well designes and has so much detail including eyebrows, feathers and the cursive writing. The colour scheme is also really great for those wanting to be more subtle in their styling or wanting a little giggle from passer’s by. I already really love this brooch and hope you do too.
I paired this brooch with the Erstwilder essential earrings, mainly the red heart studs. These earrings, although perfect for Valentines Day, can easily be worn all year round and are great for adding a little pop of colour to outfits. I wear several heart earrings throughout the year so it’s nice to have such a stunning red pair. I can’t wait for date night! The dress I’m wearing is an old Trashy Dive dress which I bought before I was a pinup, it’s several years old and I think I bought it off ModCloth back when international shipping was reasonable.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Special Delivery brooch and Blue Dangle Heart Essential Earring.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Special Delivery brooch.

So this little guy was my first choice and probably one of my favourites, I’m so excited to share him with you. This is the Special Delivery brooch and it features this cute little swallow turned postie wearing a cute little red cap and carrying a love letter just for you. This little swallow reminded me so much of the Cinderella/Snow White sparrow birds and I’m a particular fan of blue. I thought the comination between the red and blue was stunning and the details gone into the face and letter were really incredible. The blue resin in paricular is so stunnning with lots of swirls and whirls of shimmer making each brooch special and individual. For those that also turn their brooches into necklace, I think this brooch would make a stunning necklace because of it’s size, design and also it’s dangling letter. Much like the Love Bandit and his key, the Special Delivery brooch features a dangling love letter with “with love” scribed onto the front. It really is a stunning brooch and I hope those who get their own, love it as much as I do.
I paired this brooch with Erstwilder’s Blue Dangle Heart earrings as the blue resins were a perfect match. This combination would also stand out on a blue outfit and wuld also look lovely on denim or white. These colours would really stand out together making the brooch and earrings a stunning feature and focus. I’ve really been enjoying pairing my brooches to the Erstwildr Essential Earrings and they also make lovely gifts!

What a beautiful collection Erstwilder has really raised the bar with these amazing pieces and I know many will sell out. I was also a particular fan of Stinking Cute which was the Skunk/Fart Squirrel brooch and the You’re Foxy brooch which was the fox. Both earrings from this collection were also really beautiful and compliment the brooches but if you do miss out, remember that Erstwilder’s Essential Earrings are also perfect pairings with each piece. Congratulations to Erstwilder on such a wonderful collection and to designer Carmen Hui for designing so many charming little characters. I know they will be well loved.

Shop the collection here. 




Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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