Mrs Maisel Outfits from Heart My Closet Review – Part 2

Having a bit more time on my hands means that I am indulging in a few guilty pleasures; mainly drinking tea, sewing and watching The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. Now that Season Three has been released, we are once again flooded with so many beautiful outfits and styles that truly make Midge a vintage icon. There’s nothing better than pretending to be someone a bit more fabulous and glamorous so that’s why I am tickled pink to be reviewing and testing out some new Mrs Maisel inspired outfits from Heart My Closet.  This is not our first review so if you’d like to catch up, please go here.

As I’ve already reviewed Heart My Closet before, I’ll only quickly recap what they do. This wonderful company specializes in creating custom vintage-inspired dresses and they draw their inspirations from current celebrities, vintage-inspired tv shows, and the pinup style. You generally shop by style and then can customize your dress by choosing which colour you’d prefer and can get the item tailored to your precise measurements. I have quite a collection of their dresses in my wardrobe and I’m forever dreaming about getting more. Recently, Heart My Closet has also caught the Maisel bug and have started creating reproductions and today I will review three of them.
All photos by Hot Pixel.

Monica Coat Retro Vintage Coat
First and foremost, this coat is everything! The Monica coat is made from a stunning shade of pink, this vintage-inspired swing coat is fully lined and features a beautiful thick collar and matching buttons. I am a particular fan of the length as it reaches my knees and stops my dress from popping out the bottom. The fit was really flattering and I found wearing it to be very comfortable and not cumbersome like some coats I own.
For winter, this is exactly the colour I want to wear; it adds such a lovely pop of colour to such a gloomy season but it also has lovely warm sleeves and a great length. A lot of the time I find a coat I love but for some reason, it has 3/4 sleeves and my arms can get cold. I found the overall quality to be excellent, there were no loose threads or broken seams. It came beautifully packaged with no gross smell. This coat can be customised and made in a colour of your choice and is available in a range of sizes. It retails for $110 which is a pretty good price for something so well made and customized.
Shop it here.


Two-Piece Vintage Dress
Although this dress has no official name yet, it’s yet to be put on the official Heart my Closet site so this is a very exciting sneak peek, this has to be my new favourite outfit. This outfit features a simple dress with a darted bodice, cap sleeves and an a-line skirt. On top, is this cropped jacket featuring a wide collar, a large bow at the front and buttons down the middle. Together it is a match made in vintage heaven. I love the fit and styling of this outfit even if I found matching accessories a little challenging. The colour is a mix between blue, grey and silver and no one I asked could agree on a colour so please leave your thoughts down below.
The dress was fitted with a zip in the back. Both the dress and jacket were very comfortable, flattering and fun to twirl in. I love how a simple dress can be elevated into a stunning outfit with the addition of a matching little jacket. I have worn this dress several times since I received it even if it’s mainly to get my weekly groceries due to social isolation. I turned to Mrs Maisel herself for inspiration when styling this outfit; I opted for creams and beiges as blues were too blue, silvers were too silver and greys were too grey. Maybe I should dye some gloves to match?
This dress will most likely be customizable once it’s on the site in terms of colour, length and size. This would be a big recommendation of mine if you are looking at grabbing something special for yourself. Can you imagine it in a deep purple? Oooh so lush!
Link to this dress will be added soon. Please check back. 


Bright and Shine Retro Vintage Dress
At first, I was a little worried about the colour combination of this dress; we all know the saying “blue and green should not be seen without a colour in-between”. Even though I have broken that rule many times, I am so glad I broke it one more time in the name of this stunning vintage-inspired dress. The Bright and Shine dress is so impeccably made that it’s ever so flattering, bright and bold. It’s perfect as a statement dress with some bright matching accessories. The dress features a fitted bodice with a triangular section under the bust and a bow accent on top of the triangle. It has 3/4 length sleeves and the skirt is knee-length. The dress has a back zipper and isn’t lined.

I had a lot of fun wearing this dress as it was so bright that people kept coming up to tell me they too loved my dress. I found wearing this dress very comfortable as it just hung in all the right places. I suppose that’s the joys of having a dress custom made to your measurements. Once again, Heart My Closet has smashed it out of the park and I am so glad to now own this beautiful statement piece. They were right in naming it the Bright and Shine dress. As always, this dress can be fully customized and changed to suit you; can you imagine it in a red and pink combination or a Navy and blue? Not to mention, the sleeves and skirt can also be customized to your preferences. This dress retails for $110.
Shop it here. 


I’m so glad that Heart My Closet understand the need to live inside Midge’s closet but are able to turn that dream into a reality. It’s amazing to see something so stunning on a screen and then be able to own in and have it customized to fit you. The work, craftsmanship and skill that goes into each of these items is phenomenal and I am so glad to be adding more pieces from Heart My Closet to my wardrobe. Every time I go on their site I drool over all the stunning pieces and I have a wishlist a mile long. To be able to embody such an amazing character is also really uplifting in such an uncertain time. Even if I only wear one fancy outfit a week to do my grocery shopping, I feel that my mood is boosted whilst doing so.
The quality of these garments make them an amazing piece to own that will not break the bank. I have only had one button fall off one of my items but I had worn it multiple times before it did so and it’s not a deal-breaker. These pieces are also great for those wanting a Mrs Maisel costume, to cosplay or to brighten up their wardrobe. The joy of being able to customize these items is that you can turn them into any colour combination to reference any character you love. I hope to grab myself a few more of their pieces as the cooler weather rolls in! I have my eye on some vintage two-piece suits!
A quick thank you to Heart My Closet for feeding my Maisel addiction and letting me review more of your items. It’s been a pleasure as always! Another thank you to Alex from Hot Pixel photography for taking my photos for me. It was worth getting out of bed at 3am.
Visit Heart My Closet here.
All photos by Hot Pixel.

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Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way.

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      Thank you so much! You are very kind! I bought those shoes years and years ago before I even started dressing vintage from ModCloth. I appreciate your support dear ❤


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