Mrs Maisel Vinyl Record Soundtrack Review – Season 1 and 2

So by now, we all know I’m a huge fan of all things Mrs. Maisel but I promise this post has no spoilers about season three (mainly because I haven’t finished it, I’ve been really busy ok? I mean like REALLY busy but after March is over, I’ll shut down for a week and catch up. Jeepers calm down!). I absolutely love the show; everything from the story, the characters and of course the fashion, but something that I think is a little overlooked is just how amazing the music from the show is! In saying this, I’m excited to share with you two of my favourite birthday presents I received which was (drumroll please), Mrs. Maisel season one and two on vinyl records. Hurray! I’ve never really reviewed a record/album before so if I miss anything, just let me know.

Season One:
Immediately, I have to just say THE RECORD IS PINK! Yes, the physical record is bright pink which makes my soul oh so happy! Now I was very spoilt and my partner purchased the limited edition pink record for the first season, and you can get the normal black vinyl but I just like having a coloured record and know that Dita also released a pink record at one stage which is a lot of fun.
The art on the front cover features a frontal image of Midge with New York behind her. The back has a film still of Midge on stage in her signature black comedy dress and a song list on the side for both side A and B. The record sleeve opens up like a book with two pockets with the main spread including an image of some of the cast members (including Joel, Midge, Suzie and Midge’s parents) and also a wonderful explanation about the music in the series. If you ever get to read it (there are photos below) it details how the songs were chosen, how they represent Midge and some of their musical highlights. Now, of course, having a full tv series, you cannot squash everything onto just one record so it’s nice hearing their reasoning and what the creators of the show thought were the most iconic pieces of music.
Of course, one of the inner sleeves includes the record pouch but it’s lovely to note that the other sleeve features a little magazine like book full of photos, images and text from the series including the script and original notes. Such a wonderful thing for any Mrs Maisel fan; this can always be framed or put on display.
Now as for the music itself, season one has some amazing pieces which were played during iconic moments of the show. Having loved the series and watching it several times, hearing the music automatically puts the scene in my head. With wonderful songs such as “Come to the Supermarket” by Barbara Streisand, “Who’s Sorry Now” by Connie Francis (one of my mums favourite singers) and “Pass Me By” by Peggy Lee, this record really is a great collection of vintage classics and iconic Midge moments.

Season Two
At the moment, Amazon has a limited edition release of this vinyl with the record being red. Oh, how exciting but I still am in love with my normal black vinyl version (perhaps there will be a coloured version for season three). Comparing the two seasons that I received (season one is the special edition and season two being normal) I would assume that the normal editions of the seasons are less elaborate as my copy of season two did not have two sleeves (only one) and there was no special mini-magazine. In saying this, the record does open up to reveal some stunning show stills and a photo of Midge between letters that spell ‘marvellous’ along with a full song list.
The front cover of the record features the season two promo image with Midge front and centre and other characters further in the background. It was nice seeing Moish included for this image to show that there’s more development in Joel’s story. The back image features an image of Midge looking up and into the unknown cityscape which could be either Paris or New York. She is in front of large letters which spell ‘Mrs Maisel’. All the images use show several highlights of the season but also a bit more from other characters in various locations.
The music in the second season is absolutely amazing! I think personally I love season two side B the best and could just hear Barbara Steisand sing “Happy Days are Here Again’ on repeat. It was such a pivotal scene in the show so I’m glad it was so early on in the record itself. Other songs featured include “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, “Autumn in New York” by Billie Holiday and “Pink Shoe Laces” by Sarah Vaughan. Once again, all the songs chosen are taken from pivotal scenes in the show and depict the development of the characters and of course, Midge herself. There are several happy songs in this mix that show the listener that she is on the way to finding herself. I can’t really think of any songs that were missed out so I think the selection was pretty great.

Final thoughts
For any Maisel fan (who has a record player), these albums are a wonderful addition to any music/Maisel collection. I believe that all seasons are available on CD so don’t worry about missing out and if CDs are still too retro for you, Spotify has a great Maisel playlist with different songs (eg. closing credit songs) and it’s free to listen to! Brilliant! I am a big fan of how the special edition came with more information, the mini-magazine and of course the vinyl being coloured so I think I’ll wait and hope for season three to be released in the limited release. In saying that, currently, Season 3 is on pre-sale on Amazon with the release date is June 12th, 2020.
Both these records were purchased from Amazon with the normal edition being around $15 and the special edition being around $30. For those that buy records, both these prices are pretty much on the money depending on what record you’re trying to get. Obviously, some records can be hundreds of dollars and others can be sold for a couple of dollars so for me, I’m happy with the price and love these records. Since I received them, I listen to them almost every day and rotate them constantly with some of my other favourite records.
The sound quality from the record is also amazing! I am a big fan of the quality, the song selection and the overall release of both of these albums. I do recommend them as a gift to yourself or someone who is a Maisel fan given that they actually have a way of listening to them. I think it was a great idea to release these albums on vinyl as I don’t think I would have wanted to get the cd (ever since I got a new car with no cd player, I haven’t really listened to my cd’s, gosh I miss my terrible music). Putting on these records does give me that wonderful vintage touch and it’s a rather charming thigs to own and also, it’s very practical.

Shop for yourself:
Season One – normal edition only available
Season Two – Limited release 
Season Three – Pre-order available 


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way.

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