Bougie Burlesque Candle Review

I have jumped on this candle train a little late, especially since these candles were announced November last year and I’ve only just gotten around to ordering them. What can I say, I’ve been busy and haven’t spent that much time on social media. Alas, I have in my possession, three out of the four new, limited edition Bougie Burlesque candles including Gia Genevie, Shameless Cub and of course, Dita Von Teese. I’m sorry I didn’t get Violet Chachki but it just wasn’t in the budget at the moment.

Regardless, let’s test them out starting with Indecent Fig featuring Shameless Cub as the muse. The candle scent is described as “wet leaves and green stems climax in this fragrance of fig, flesh, and sticky pine sap”. The candle comes in a glass container filled with 10oz of perfumed wax and has an approximate 40hrs of titillating illumination/burn time.
Now, this is the most raunchy candle I own and I will definitely be hiding it when the niece and nephew come over. As the candle warms up, the black snake vanishes to reveal … well, another snake. Yeah, you see everything so kudos to the model. If you haven’t heard of Shameless Cub, that’s ok, he is actually a waiter who just so happened to catch the eye of the candle developers and, as the kids say, the rest of history.
As for the scent, it’s a lot spicier than I prefer and not very sweet. At first I wasn’t overly enthused about it but after lighting it, I started to enjoy it. This is definitely a strong scent and I couldn’t pick up anything sweet or floral. Although it’s not what I would normally go for; I did learn to really enjoy it.

Next, let’s move onto the queen herself, Dita Von Teese and her candle Fleur Teese. The candle is designed to give of scents of “exotic tuberose, gardenia, and orange blossom blend with wild grasses and coconut flesh. A scent of night-blooming flowers and eccentric glamour”. Much like the first candle, it is held in a glass container filled with 10oz of perfumed wax and has approximately 40hrs of burn time.
This isn’t my first ever Dita Von Teese striptease candle and I love my original one which smells like ‘Scandalwood’ (Dita’s perfume) so it’s nice to add another to the collection. I think the artwork is really beautiful and I think adding the ‘beads’ which disappear with heat a beautiful touch. This is definitely a beautiful addition to my mini Dita collection and I will really enjoy burning it. As for the scent itself, it was very close to the original perfume of Dita’s but perhaps with more spice. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what the overall difference was between the candle and the perfume but thought it was a lovely scent profile and I love the candle on my vanity.


Finally, the final candle I purchased is Rose Bud featuring Gia Genevieve as the muse. The candles described scent is “velvety musk and sweet coriander milk combine in this hedonistic scent that wraps you in warmed leathers and lipstick”. It is also displayed in a glass container filled with 10oz of perfumed wax with approximately 40hrs of burn time. Personally, I think this is one of the most stunning artworks out of the whole collection but I may be biased as I love roses and think Gia looks beyond stunning in the image. As for the scent itself, I think it’s rather lovely with hints of florals, spice and it’s not overly sweet. I think this was my favourite of the whole lot and it’s definitely the one I wish I could re-purchase. It was divine!

In all the candles, there is a depiction of a snake; the designers say that “the writhing snakes and burgeoning pomegranate design was inspired by the mythological tale of Persephone and her trip to the underworld. The snakes symbolize transformation while the pomegranates represent the forbidden fruit. Fragrance, in essence, is invisible, it lacks both shape and form yet has the instantaneous ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. The Bougie Burlesque is an eccentric vision that celebrates beauty, scent, and sensuality in its many forms”. I really love the concept for these candles but I have to note that the idea is not original. In the 1940s, there was a small craze of similar items, mainly glassware, where things would disappear revealing nude bodies. I know that my mothers best friend has a collection of such glasses where men’s boxer shorts vanish revealing their ‘trouser snake’ underneath.  The ink used is of course, heat reactive, meaning that the longer the candle is burning, the more heat is released so the ink will vanish and leave behind the artwork. It’s a really fun idea and a nice nod to a vintage fad, and a lovely mix of art, burlesque and fantasy.

For those wondering about the ingredients of the candle in its separate parts; The fragrance is a blend of natural and safe synthetic ingredients that are always cruelty-free. No parabens, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no known or suspected endocrine disruptors. Paraffin and petroleum-derived waxes release chemicals into the air when burned, even if they are ‘premium grade’. These candles are made with a blend of 100% pure soy and vegetable waxes that are non-toxic. The candles also use a lead-free wick made from 100% organic cotton.

Now, the only downside I see to these candles is that they are a bit expensive. I love candles, I have them all over my house and there is normally one burning somewhere. I have paid a pretty penny for some of my candles but these so far have been the most expensive at around $65 USD each ($112 AUD). That’s a lot for a candle. Personally, after the candle is all burnt out, I will just pour more wax in there as the glass is too beautiful to waste. I often repurpose my candle holders and this is one I will definitely not be wasting. It’s just a shame that the candle itself will be gone so quick meaning that I will only burn them when I want to be cheered up or it’s a special occasion. Regardless, I absolutely love these candles! They would make a great gift and I was surprised you couldn’t buy them all as a set. They will look stunning in my bedroom and in my future boudoir and walk-in wardrobe.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way.

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