Erstwilder – Fan Favourites Collection Review

Sending you all the warmest of greetings on this windy winter day. Alas, we can all come together to celebrate the latest release from Australian jewellery designer, Erstwilder. This is a continuation of their last release with more fan favourites coming back into the store but in new colourways. As I have shopped with Erstwilder for years, even before I started wearing pinup, it’s always nice to have another chance to shop items which are long gone from the store. I love the fan favourite releases as it’s also a chance to reimagine new variations of well-loved pieces. Erstwilder was kind enough to send me some pieces from this latest release which includes brooches and their every so lovely scarves. I am excited to review them for you today!
Shop Erstwilder here.


Miss MonMon wearing Shake Rattle and Roll brooch from Erstwilder. 

I have been hunting the Shake Rattle and Roll brooch for quite a while so imagine my excitement upon seeing this beauty in the new release! As a lover of pink, the pink shimmery resin is beyond beautiful and I think this brooch is so much cuter in real life. Who doesn’t like a good milkshake? I used to love a mango almond milk milkshake from a retro-inspired diner which has sadly closed but now I can carry a milkshake wherever I go.


Miss MonMon wearing Hyacinth Hummingbird brooch from Erstwilder. 

This brooch absolutely stood out to me because of how beautiful the resin was. I’ve always loved hummingbirds and think that they are so sweet and charming so this brooch was a must-have from the get-go. The resin is stunning; it’s absolutely gorgeous. I am a huge fan of the blue/green combination which is perfect for the upcoming cooler weather and it’s so beautifully made.


Miss MonMon wearing Garden Goodness brooch from Erstwilder. 

Daffodils always remind me of living in Dublin and daffodils growing absolutely everywhere which I found so lovely. The Garden Goodness brooch is so beautiful and dainty with some very stunning resin patterns. I was worried that it might be a bit fragile but it’s actually lovely, thick and sturdy.

IMG_8450 2

Miss MonMon wearing Scotty the Stegosaurus brooch from Erstwilder. 

Who doesn’t love a super cute dinosaur? This is Scotty and I absolutely had to have him (I mean, how often will you actually come across a pink dinosaur?). Scotty is made up of mainly a light pink resin with glitter and yellow and purple spikes down his back and on the end of his tail. This is a super cute brooch; it’s got such a charming little expression which instantly makes me smile and want to wear Scotty every single day.

Now let’s look at some scarves. These lightweight scarves are made from 100% Polyester, with a velvet chiffon feel; each design comes in two sizes, a smaller headscarf and a larger neck scarf. I love these scarves and I wear them in a multitude of different ways depending on my mood, how my hair worked out that day and how simple of a vintage style I can muster. Below is a collection of some of my favourites from this collection.


Miss MonMon wearing Balthazard headscarf from Erstwilder. 


Miss MonMon wearing Huggable Decapod neck scarf from Erstwilder. 


Miss MonMon wearing God of Time headscarf from Erstwilder. 


Miss MonMon wearing Shake Rattle and Roll neck scarf from Erstwilder. 


Miss MonMon wearing Hyacinth Hummingbird headscarf from Erstwilder. 

Shop Erstwilder here.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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