DIY Pinup: Home Made Curlers

Throughout history, women have gotten creative and thrifty in the name of upkeeping beauty standards. Today I am excited to share with you a tutorial from my grandmother with her super simple (and budget-friendly) hair curlers. I remember being a little girl and my mother curling my hair using these curlers; I normally slept in them and found them pretty comfortable. When I started experimenting with pinup hairstyles, I used these curlers and they were suitable to adapt to a vintage style. I still use these curlers, especially when I travel. If you are after 40’s style curls and hair, these curlers are perfect! These hair curlers can be made by things you probably have around the house already so give them a go.

What you need:
-a tea towel you don’t mind cutting up
-toilet paper

-Using the scissors, cut the tea towel into inch thick strips. You don’t need them to be super long so I normally cut from the two shorter lengths.
-Depending on how thick your toilet paper is, roll out around 10-12 squares and fold the paper into a thick rectangle shape.
-Roll the toilet paper square around the middle of one of the tea towel strips. Squeeze the toilet paper in your hands and squeeze to tighten the paper around the center.
-Make as many curlers as you need and then you’re done.

Now that you have a whole bunch of new curlers, you’re free to curl your hair. Section the hair and add your normal styling aid (setting spray, mousse, or setting lotion). Take the curler, wrap the tip of your sectioned hair around the end, and then roll the curler up. Tie the two loose ends of the curler together into a knot. Continue to curl the rest of your head. I find that I can get several months of wear out of these curlers but please be mindful that the toilet paper may start to shed. You can always replace the paper as you need and of course, if the tea towel breaks, replace as needed.

I hope this tutorial is helpful; I am sure my grandmother would laugh that her silly method of curling her hair is now helping other people too. If you do try this tutorial, I’d love to see how you went! Please tag me in any photos @missmonmon.pinup


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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