Erstwilder A Floral Affair Review

It’s time to kick of the new year with a brand new Erstwilder collection and how lucky am I that it’s my favourite theme, flowers. I have more floral brooches than any other theme and I still collect and purchase new ones. I don’t know why, I just love them, find them easy to style and the colours mean I can add them to almost any outfit. Erstwilder’s new collection, A Floral Affair, is one that truely blew me away as it was such a unique collection with many surprises along the way. As always, I will be sharing with you my favourite pieces from the collection and my thoughts on each piece.

The first thing I need to point out about this collection is the new box packaging! Not only is the box all your Erstwilder comes in rebranded, but for this collection, the brooch boxes themselves have also been decorated. I love dark florals, they remind me of old paintings hanging in beautiful vintage homes and this packaging is exactly that vibe. Deep park florals adorn the box with flowers illustrated on them that have been turned into brooches for the collection itself. I have been loving seeing all the new brooch boxes Erstwilder has been releasing and it really makes finding specific brooches to wear easy for those that keep their brooch in the box itself. These new boxes make the collection feel really unique and special and more of something to treasure and admire. I’m really happy they are branching out with their packaging ideas.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Purple Prose drop earrings.

As part of this collection, Erstwilder has started to really branch out and create multiple items from one image. This is the Purple Prose (which I’m assuming is a pansy of some kind) and within the Floral Affair collection it is available as drop earrings (featured here), cardigan clips, a necklace and the traditional brooch. I’m really loving all the matchy-matchy that Erstwilder is releasing as it makes outfits feel more complete after accessorising them. I was lucky enough to receive the Purple Prose in both the drop earrings and the necklace. I know it’s just resin but in this collection particularly, it looks so fragile and delicate. The resin itself is full of swirls, patches, and multiple colours which makes each piece unique and wonderful in it’s own way. The uniqueness also represents that of the flower in nature itself; each petal and flower having a slight variation and it’s own uniqueness.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Purple Prose necklace.

Both the earrings and necklace are such beautiful pieces that I think I will still get the brooch to match as well. I love how dainty and delicate the pieces look even though I know they are sturdy. I matched them to this cotton vintage dress I found last year which has become a fast favourite due to it’s comfort and simple colour palette.

The next piece I received was the Darling of the Valley brooch. Dahlias are really beautiful flowers and I would have thought they would be pretty impossible to turn into resin but Erstwilder completely nailed it. Dahlias can have some strong positive and negative connotations and meaning including creativity, inner strength and dignity but also betrayal, dishonesty and instability. I think these are most definitely very positive in their colourful and darling representation. Made up of multiple layers of pink toned resin, they really capture the complexity of the flowers natural petal layering. I’m a particular fan of the pink tones fading into lighter shades the further from the centre the petals feature. The brooch is of a good solid size and is perfect for just a subtle pop of pink to any outfit.
I paired it with this vintage bridesmaid (at least I’m pretty sure its a bridesmaid dress) dress I found at a vintage sale last year. The soft pink fabric really complimented the tones in the brooch and it was a darling outfit combination that I know I will reach for again and again.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Darling of The Valley brooch.

The next brooch we received is Country Chamomile. Hands down, this is my favourite brooch from the whole collection; not because of it’s appearance but because it is chamomile. The chamomile flowers features heavily in my childhood and something I associate with visiting my grandmother in Europe when I was a kid. There were patches of it growing around her apartment, we all drank the tea often (I still do and have loads of it in my pantry! It’s great for an upset stomach), and one of my favourite cartoons had a movie based around a little mole (krtek) wanting to find chamomile flowers in order to make tea for his sick mouse friend and ends up on an epic adventure around the world to acquire the bloom (you can watch it here, there’s very little dialogue so you should be fine).
Now that’s I’ve overshared why I love this flower, this brooch has quickly become one of my favourite Erstwilder pieces just for hat reason. It’s clearly not a daisy and stands alone as the beautiful brooch it is. I’m particularly fond of the white resin with it’s ripples and tones and know I will be wearing this brooch a fair amount from now on. I paired this brooch with a vintage yellow cotton dress but unfortunately the back zip broke so it’s not done up properly hence it’s gaping. Something else to add to the mending pile I guess.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Country Chamomile brooch.

The next piece I received from the Floral Affair collection is Fortune Teller brooch. If you are wanting a beautiful and stunning floral brooch, this is your best choice. The resin is absolutely stunning with so many shades and variations it really is too beautiful to describe. I’m pretty sure this brooch is a peony which is a very romantic flower and the soft tones make it perfect for a touch of romance in any situation. I’m really happy with the size of the brooch and the little pops of green from the leaves which make it a little more realistic, sweet and life like.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Fortune Teller brooch.

The last brooch I received was the smallest and sweetest little brooch from the whole collection, the Social Butterfly mini brooch. As we are being cautious of our social interactions and social distancing is no longer a strange topic (or hopefully it isn’t), this little butterfly brooch is all the socialising we need and it should socialise for us whilst we keep our distance. I find this brooch to be really beautiful and it reminded me that no matter what’s happening in the world right now, we will be social again one day.
This butterfly reminded me of the white cabbage moths I see around the garden (my cabbages!) and how I used to think that they were butterflies who were still earning their colours as child. I liked their stark whiteness as a sort of living blank canvas which was yet to have colour added to it. This little brooch is perfect to pair up with any flower brooch or just on it’s own.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Social Butterfly mini brooch.

What a stunning collection from Erstwilder and so perfect to kick off the new year! I know I will grabbing a few more pieces as I can never have enough floral brooches in my life. I definitely have my eye on the Favourite Flower brooch, the Dandelion’s Ballad brooch and the Blooming Bells brooch. I’m excited to kick of another great year being an ambassador for Erstwilder as I find them an amazing company who work hard, create unique items, really value local and global talent and strive to build a thriving community and customer base. I have admired they for a very long time and am always wowed by their new ideas and collections.
If you’d like to shop with Erstwilder, please go here.

A special shout out to my pinup bestie, Miss Vintage Orchid and her gorgeous pieces from this collection as well. Go follow her on instagram, she’s nothing but joy, colour and all kinds of fabulous.

Miss Vintage Orchid wearing Queen of Sheba brooch and Sword and Sorcery Brooch.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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