How to Make a Heart Shaped Beret – 2 ways

It’s almost Valentines and love is certainly in the air. Valentines is not always about romantic love so I often celebrate with my friends and go out on many mini-dates during this time. I love getting ready for cute dates with either my hubby or my friends and it gives me a chance to wear loads of pink and red (my favourite and hands down the best colour combo ever). Last year sometime, I came across the Lula Heart Beret from Hood London on Instagram and fell head over heals in love straight away. I need it in my life but whoa is it out of budget. I can definitely be a DIY pinup when I need to and this is one of those times. I’ve now developed two methods of creating my own heart shaped beret and I’m excited to share it with you right before Valentines.

Using a pre-made beret
This method is super quick and simple and can be done in about 15 minutes. It’s a bit easier because you are using a ready made beret so it’s great if you want to jazz up a beret you already have. A good thick wool beret will work best but any beret will be fine so don’t stress.

What you need:
-beret of your chosen colour
-Needle and thread
-Water soluble marker or chalk
-Sewing machine

How to make a heart shaped beret. By Miss MonMon.

Turn your beret inside out and using your marker, draw out a heart shape onto the beret.

Using a simple stitch, baste (a wide simple stitch) the outline of the heart. This will help you sew the hat a bit easier.

Using your sewing machine, sew along your marked out line.

Cut off the excess hat and clip the curves within the seam allowance being careful not to cut the thread.

Turn your hat the right way around and poke out the curves. Iron out the curves on a low heat setting.

Optional: sew a comb into the top inside of your beret.

You’re done!

How to Make a Heart Beret with Miss MonMon

Sewing from Scratch
This method allows you to get a little bit more creative with your shape and is great for someone who wants to make their hat from scratch. I’d recommend a good wool felt but most felts will work pretty well.

What you need:
-Wool felt (mine was from Daiso and it was 70X60cm)
-Chalk or water soluble marker
-Sewing machine

On your felt, draw a heart shape. Mine was approximately 11.5″ wide and 9.5″ from centre to point. I used chalk to mark out my shape as my marker was too light for my fabric.

Cut out your shape. Then make a copy of it and cut out another. You need two.

On one of your shapes, draw out a oval shape. This will be what you put over your head. Mine was approximately 8.5″ wide. Cut out the circle.

Using the circle you just cut out, create a stencil and cut half an inch from the outside. Cut out the middle so you are left with a wide donut shape. This is your beret facing.

On the shape with the cut out circle, sew in your donut facing by stitching close to the edge.

Then with right sides together, sew the two heart shapes together along the outside edge.

Cut off any excess and clip all the curves.

Turn the hat inside out and tuck the facing inside the hat. Iron it down using a low heat setting.

Optional: sew a comb into the top inside of your beret and you can also add the little nubbin that pops out the middle of your beret if you want to. I originally didn’t plan to but changed my mind a day later. It was basically just a long skinny rectangle folded in half and hand sewn in the centre of the beret.

How to Make a Heart Beret with Miss MonMon
How to Make a Heart Beret with Miss MonMon

Both of these beret’s turned out really cute and perfect for Valentines dates. I’m not 100% happy with my pink beret’s heart shape as one side was a bit wonky; isn’t it always the way, all the ones people don’t see turn out perfect but the one you can show off turns out weird? I ended up sewing on that little beret tail to my navy heart as it just looks really cute with it.
These tutorials are super simple and can be done by any beginner sewer or even someone who can only hand sew. If you are going to hand sew, keep your stitches tight. Also, you can use these tutorials to make beret’s of any shape including flowers, clouds and stars so give that a whirl if you’re feeling a bit more creative.

It’s clear to see why I would be inspired by the heart beret from Hood London and I’m also glad I’m not the only one who has been. My gorgeous pinup friend Tuppence Ha’Penny also has a wonderful heart shaped beret tutorial on her blog so go check it out. She makes a beautiful traditional red heart beret which definitely turned out better than my pink one.

I’d love to see any of your heart berets if you decide to make one. Please tag me on my social media so I can see it and admire your creations!

How to Make a Heart Beret with Miss MonMon


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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