Erstwilder Fan Favourites 2021

We all know that once Erstwilder sell out of a design, it’s gone forever and you are forced to hunt in the wilderness of buy/swap/sell groups or Ebay for your dream brooch. Although Erstwilder will not remake a certain design the same way, they do every now and then release the same design but in a brand new colour way giving it a fresh enhancement as well as you another chance to own it. For the second release of the year, Erstwilder is releasing a new bunch of Fan Favourite, as voted by their fans, in a new colour way and of course, I am sharing my favourite pieces with you all today.
**Please Note: all images were taken before the Perth lockdown and all safety measures and precautions were taken. At the time of these photos, there was no covid risk.**

Let’s start with the Prince of Orange. I believe I do own the original of this and this time, the orange resin is more of a solid tone making the butterfly stand out and be beautiful and bright. Monarch butterflies are one of my favourite types of butterflies and where I live, they are everywhere. Even whilst shooting this brooch, there were three fluttering around nearby which made the experience all the more magical. For this release, there is also a pair of matching dangle earrings and the Blue Emperor butterfly also being re-released in a brooch and stud earrings.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Prince of Orange brooch 2021.
Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Prince of Orange brooch 2021.

When I first started purchasing Erstwilder back in 2014, this toucan brooch was amongst my first few purchases and I only just learnt his actual name now! This is Terence Toucan (I just called him tookie tookie) and I am so glad to now own the new upgraded version. My original still had the old brooch clip at the back so it’s a nice way to see how far Erstwilder has come in their designs, branding and finishing of their products. The modern Terence is simply adorable and I love his old-school look. His resin is a lot bolder than the original and I’m glad he still has his shy expression; I always thought he was a bit shy. This little guy is perfect to finish off a tropical inspired outfit which is where he always got the most wear for me.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Terence Toucan brooch 2021.

My last brooch is the Puss in Books brooch. I’d seen this guy around for quite some time and I’m pretty sure he’s had a few different colour ways so I’m really happy to add him to my own little collection. I love cats and books are one of my favourite things so this brooch does feel very special to me. I’m a huge fan of the soft purple resin the book is made out of as it’s almost on the pink side so it matches my pink glasses. I used to have a white Chinchilla Cat so this brooch does remind me of her making it all the more special.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Puss in Books brooch 2021.

I really love the Fan Favourite collections that Erstwilder releases as it’s a chance to continue a collection, find a dream piece or fall in love with an old item in a brand new way. This collection is relatively small which is great after how big the floral collection was. I love my new pieces and am already looking forward to the next Erstwilder release. As always, if you are after a certain piece, do not hesitate in scooping it up as many brooches sell out within minutes and it becomes quite the challenge to find them once sold out. See you in the next blog!


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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