My Birthday Weekend 2021

If you know me well, I’m not a huge birthday person. I don’t really know why but I actively try to avoid reminding anyone it’s my birthday and try to keep it all very low key and quiet. I see people announce it’s their birthday month, week, weekend all the time and I’m normally super excited for them but it’s not a huge deal for me. Regardless, I’ve had friends encourage me to share my birthday a bit more so here I am, listening to them so they can stop chucking a sook about it … you know who you are. This year my birthday was a little different as Perth was thrown back into a hard lockdown the week of my birthday. When the day rolled around, it was the last day of lockdown but we were not permitted to leave the house until 6pm. Unfortunately that meant all our plans and dinner reservations were canceled. Despite this, the day, and the weekend that followed were still pretty lovely.

I awoke to my daily cup of tea waiting for me and received cuddles from both the husband and the fur baby. Our original plan for the day included going out for tea and cake, antiquing and then out to dinner at Crown and a movie. Instead of going out, we did all our activities indoors; we bakes a cake and made tea, instead of leaving the house to go antiquing we scrolled through Etsy and other online stores and then we made a lovely dinner and used the projector to watch a movie on the ceiling. We also took liberty of it being a birthday to have a lazy lunch so we just cooked up some bananas and loaded ourselves up on passionfruit pulp. I had a quick visit from my parents in the evening but as we were all still very cautious they didn’t even stay long enough for me to pop the kettle on.

One of the highlights of the day revolved around a gift from my partner; I was gifted a Sherlock Holmes inspired mystery adventure game which we spent most of the afternoon and evening going through. The idea of the game is you choose a murder to solve, read the story and use clues you pick up in the story to follow your instinct in a sort of choose-your-own-adventure man hunt to catch the killer. It was super fun, challenging and I’m happy to note that my obsession with true crime paid off and I figured out the murder and the puzzles involved. To finish off the day, I had a relaxing bath (whilst actively avoiding get my foot wet because my toe is still bandaged up from my accident earlier in the week) and a video call with the pinup bestie.

The following day, we were allowed to leave the house so we did exactly that right at the crack of dawn. We started having breakfast at one of my favourite cafe’s, Mrs S. If you are able to get to this cafe, their cakes and menu are full of delicious options and I opted for the orange and almond cake which was the most delicious things I’ve eaten in quite a while. Of course with Perth just being released from it’s lockdown, masks were mandatory unless eating or drinking which is why in some images I have a mask and in other I don’t. Don’t worry, we all followed governmental directions.

After a delicious breakfast of tea and cake, we were off to visit the in-laws before antiquing around Guildford and it’s surrounding areas. We saw so many lovely things as well as some curious oddities which is where my love of antiquing comes from. I love finding strange things and seeing objects that were common once but foreign now. I like to imagine how people will discuss our items and behaviours in a hundred years time. We visited Dr Russels and the antique strip in Guildford before heading out to Horatio and Agathas, JoJo’s Vintage Popup, In Retrospect and Bluebird. I didn’t quite make it into the city to check out a few more stops as my foot was really starting to hurt at this point so we figured that was a good time to call it. We did attempt to stop at one more store but it hurt to get out of the car so we went home and I napped in the car.

Upon returning home, we relaxed, watched some Netflix and had dinner on the couch. I decided to call my birthday there and spend Sunday getting ready for the week and resting my foot. So that’s it, my birthday weekend for 2021 and although not as exciting as some years, looking at the state of the world, we are living pretty lucky lives at the moment and are being kept safe amongst all the crazy. I will be sharing a few of the gifts I was spoilt with as well as the item I picked up from my antiquing adventures with you all on my instagram so keep an eye out for that.

Thank you to everyone who sent wishes and kind messages of birthday joy over the weekend. I appreciate and loved everyone of them and felt very special. Having anxiety I don’t handle a lot of attention well but am still trying to figure everything out. Another special shout out to Cherrybomb for my new hair cut which was luckily done before the lockdown and to my darling husband for spending the day with me (yeah like he even had a choice). Thank you also to you dear reader for being apart of my life and taking time out of your day to read about my vintage adventures. I really appreciate your love, support and time.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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