Erstwilder Pete Cromer 2021 Collection

We all love Erstwilder release day, but we all go absolutely MENTAL for Pete Cromer Erstwilder release day and today is exactly that day! We’ve had a few Pete Cromer collections from Erstwilder and the following and mayhem surrounding such releases is unprecedented and intense. I don’t think there’s ever been such a mad following for a certain collaboration when it came to Erstwilder brooches; there’s something about the Pete Cromer pieces that is uniquely special. I personally love how much attention and love the collections have brought towards all the gorgeous little Aussie creatures and the unique colourful nature of Pete Cromer designs. Today we celebrate another magnificent release between Pete Cromer and Erstwilder with a crazy 25 new pieces. Can you hear that? It’s a crowd of brooch-a-holics getting ready to STORM THE CASTLE!

As always, in today’s post I will be sharing with you my favourite pieces from the collection and telling you a little bit about each piece. Let’s start with my absolute favourite piece from the collection, the Mirthful Major Mitchell as worn by Miss Vintage Orchid. I had one of these stunning birds as a kid and he was the greatest pet to have growing up. The pink resin in this brooch is unbelievable; I don’t think this resin has been used by Erstwilder before as it’s got strips of textured resin within the pink. I think the pops of aqua are perfect to set off the pink and white colours within the birds print and I am so happy at how cute the facial expression was.

Miss Vintage Orchid wearing the Erstwilder Mirthful Major Mitchell brooch.

It’s a rainbow chicken! Hands down one of the greatest little creatures from Australia, I love rainbow chickens so much so this brooch just gave me so much life. The Radiant Rainbow Lorikeet is full of colour; and the main body acrylic piece is a soft from yellow to orange resin with loads of geometric shapes and colours to make up the rest of the birds body. I love the cute little expression of the bird and just how stunning and colourful it is.

Miss MonMon wearing the Erstwilder Radiant Rainbow Lorikeet brooch.

I’ve always loved owls so The Sulky Sooty Owl was a definite instant love when I saw the collection. I think the purple/grey silver toned resin is something to love and the addition of the little white spots on the body and wing make this little owl all the more cuter. The dimensional layering of the piece makes the design super intricate and unique. I think this is a piece from this collection I will always treasure.

Miss MonMon wearing the Erstwilder Sulky Sooty Owl brooch.

Now for the sweetest little bird you’ll ever have the pleasure of laying your eyes on, the Splendid Fairy Wren. This sweet little design comes in the brooch and matching dangle earrings. I am in love with the design of this sweet little bird and the playfulness these birds evoke is definitely captures in the resin. The blue resin layering is stunning and the different types of textured resin all come together in one cohesive piece. I have a small family of these little fairy wrens which visit me everyday in the spring and summer; myself and Brian love to watch them jump around the frees and on the window mesh. Having a resin version of a fairy wren from Pete Cromer is a joy to behold.

Miss MonMon wearing the Erstwilder Splendid Fairy Wren brooch.

The last piece I’d like to highlight is the Enchanting Emu. The style of the design is really unique and I’m a huge fan of the shapes placed along the emu’s neck. The cute little pink cheek dot makes the emu’s demeaner really friendly and charming. I think the blue tones of the birds body is really lovely and I love the painted on star-burst pattern along the birds body.

Miss MonMon wearing the Erstwilder Enchanting Emu brooch.

Other pieces that deserve an honourable mention include all three of the Druids, the Kingfisher, the cockatiel, the Gang-Gang, the numbat and the wombat. It’s seriously so difficult to keep the list of my favourite pieces from this collection short!

Shooting this collection with my pinup bestie Miss Vintage Orchid was a great experience; we love working together but ooh let me tell you we struggled that day. Originally we shot this collection on Australia Day and it was hot and windy. We struggled so much with the lighting, the heat and the wind. We thought about cancelling our shoot and trying again later but we really had no more time before the photos were due. In the middle of our meltdown (ok ok … it was my meltdown), we took a break, ate some food and went back to shooting. Food solves everything and we came back super strong. We knew we were onto a good thing when whilst shooting we could hear the kookaburra’s laughing and a massive flock of about 15 White-Tailed Black Cockatoos landed on a nearby macadamia tree and had a snack as we kept shooting nearby.

A massive note with this collection is the addition of the cardigan clips and dangle earrings which are perfect for the Pete Cromer style. I was also pleasantly surprised with the extra animals including the Bunny and the Fox which make Pete Cromer more relatable to those who don’t gravitate towards Australian animals. As always, the Pete Cromer collection will most likely sell out in a flash so do not delay on snagging a piece if you love it. If Erstwilder has already sold out of the piece you love, check out Pete Cromer’s website and Erstwilder stockists. This is a stunning collection and I can’t fault it in any way. There are heaps of animals designed by Pete Cromer that haven’t been turned into resin brooches so I do hope there are more collaborative collection releases in the future soon.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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