My Vintage Wedding: Reception

We are on the final instalment of my vintage wedding mini series and it’s flown past much like the actual day. When we last spoke, I was just wrapping up my wedding photos and getting changed really quickly for the reception. I had a quick hair change thanks to Michelle from Cherrybomb, and then to finish off her masterpiece, I had a few gold stars put into my hair which were originally bought for when I saw Dita Von Teese perform in Perth. To finish my look, I fixed up my lipstick and added a fine layer of powder to matte down any shine and then it was time for a costume change.

As much as I loved my wedding dress, it was really large, cumbersome and awkward to get around in so I knew I would end up having two dresses for my wedding day. I spent a lot of time planning and deciding on what kind of dress I would like for the reception as I wanted to be able to eat, dance and move around freely. I ended up finding my perfect dress from Teuta Matoshi and it was a pink frilly dream covered in stars and moons. It couldn’t be more perfect and have you seen the sleeves!? The only thing I tweaked was I had my friend Beata from Chein Noir Designs sew in some lining to make the bodice a little less transparent which also means I could wear a bra for a bit of added comfort. I loved the dress so much.

Our bridal party met us outside and they tried their best to hide me from the guests as we got ready to enter our reception. Our MC, Danger “Magnus” Danger, did an amazing job introducing our bridal party (and just over the entire day in general) and then it came time to enter the reception as the freshly wedded couple. As a final chance to be a bit geeky, we chose the song “I’m gonna be” by The Proclaimers as it’s a brilliant pun on our name and those that got the connection all thought it was hilarious and made sure to tell us.

Entering the reception was absolutely incredible. There were fairy light everywhere and all our cherished friends and family were all smiling back at us whilst cheering and clapping. We were surrounded by blooming Jacaranda trees which were softly dropping their flowers in a blanket of purse snow. I didn’t know where to look, what to do or how to react. I was absolutely stunned at how beautiful everyone was; it’s a moment that will stay with me for a very long time. Finally my partner snapped me out of it and dragged me to the bridal table where I instantly sat down and tried to shove food into my face…what I was hungry?!

Miss MonMon’s Vintage Wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

The guests had already been served their entrees so we played a bit of catch up and smashed down our entrees whilst mains were served. After I crammed as much food into my mouth as I could, we had the first round of speeches from the Maid of Honour and Best Man. There were stories of love, patience and of course some embarrassing stories thrown in there as well. To follow, more food and then more speeches.

It soon came time for myself and my new husband to give our thanks and gosh I wish I wrote something down because I totally blanked on who I had to thank and just blabbed about random things. Yeah, I’m not a great public speaker but that’s ok, I have a husband who is not shy on the microphone which is just fine by me.

Miss MonMon’s vintage wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

When mains were over, it then came time to dance and celebrate. We had a dance floor, a dessert buffet with enough donuts to sink the Titanic and a Photo Booth. I had a Photo Booth for my 21st which was a huge hit so I was very keen to get one again for my wedding and I’m glad I did. We put out a guest book and were so excited to see people stick in their photo strips for us to browse later.

For our first dance, we really didn’t have a routine so we just repeated a few simple waltz steps, threw in a few slow-rhythm moves and called it a day. We chose Kitty Kallen’s “It’s been a long long time” as our first dance as my original choice was taken by a friend and I didn’t want to use their song. I love my vintage romantic music and my partner is a bit of a superhero geek and he said something about a song with Captain America and Agent Carter, I recognised it straight away, said I loved it and that’s how we chose our song. Sure, a lovely elaborate first dance would have been grand but at the end of the day, I just wanted to be held by my husband and move about the floor with him. I think I stood on his foot at one stage but it just made us laugh.

Miss MonMon’s vintage wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.
Miss MonMon’s vintage wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

I loved the atmosphere of the evening, it wasn’t cold but it wasn’t overly warm either. We made sure to get as many fairy lights as we could (within our budget) and we also put up star lantern with a light inside just for extra magic. Our tables were decorated with a navy cheese cloth, a log slice with a table number, candle and flowers. We tried to reduce waste as much as we could so we hired where we could, DIY’d a fair amount and chose things we could reuse ourselves in the future. I thought the soft light from the lanterns and fairy lights gave the evening a magical glow and I was happy to see so many people wanting to take photos and enjoy the event.

Miss MonMon’s vintage wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.
Miss MonMon’s vintage wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

I made sure to chat to as many people as I could, have a quick dance with groups of friends and even share a dance with my virtual bridesmaid. We danced to our song and I loved having her apart of the day.

Miss MonMon’s vintage wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

We danced the night away and enjoyed the company of our friends and family. For me, one of my favourite moments was right at the very end, all the guests had gone, the tables were empty and there was no one around, I put on ‘La Vie En Rose’ through my husbands phone and we had a very small slow dance under our fairy light canopy. It’s a moment I will treasure because it was only shared between us and for the first time all day, we were alone and could talk and have a proper chat.

Miss MonMon’s vintage wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.
Miss MonMon’s vintage wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

And that is all for our wonderfully vintage, celestial themed wedding. Looking back, there’s really nothing I would change. I loved our theme; it was fun to work with and gave us room to be creative and crafty. I really enjoyed making the props, moons and other little details and I think we did everything we wanted in terms of decorations. I’m quite a details orientated person so I really knew how I wanted everything set up, how I wanted things to look and was keen to hear people’s thoughts and input; together, with the help of our amazing wedding planners, our bridal party and our friends and family, we put together a wonder wedding which was beyond perfect.

Sure, things went wrong and plans got changed and cancelled but when looking at the big picture, we were still able to throw an amazing wedding during a pandemic. We were sad that so many people we cared for couldn’t physically be there, but we had them connected through the zoom link and also we could video call them for a quick dance. I wish the day could have been a little longer in the morning just so I had a minute to take a deep breath but all in all, I married my best friend, and the love of my life and I couldn’t be happier.

Since the wedding, many people have asked me if “it feels different” and now that things have returned back to normal, in a way it doesn’t really but there is a different sense of closeness between us. I feel really connected to my husband at the moment and it feels like being in a lovely warm love bubble. I feel warm, protected and cared for; not to mention, totally head over heels in love all over again. We have been together for over 9 and a half years at this stage, I cannot wait to keep growing our relationship and growing more and more in love.

I will be releasing a few more wedding related blogs but I think that’s it for the actual day. I hope you have enjoyed being a part of my special day through this mini series and if you’d like to read back on any parts, they are all listed here.
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