Ecosusi Vintage Inspired Bag Review

As much as I love the glamour life, there’s always been a part of my soul that’s drawn to cottages, dusty libraries, and cardigans with matching skirts. I suppose the kids these day call this sort of aesthetic “dark academia” or a variation of “cottage core”. This yearning for a simpler lifestyle with a deeper connection to books, literature, nature and the natural is something I’ve always been attracted to. As the weather starts to cool down, I’m thrilled to be reaching for my wool skirts, cardigans and putting together layered outfits inspired by the colours and tones of the changing season. Like most females, we love our handbags but sometimes I feel I don’t have much to match my autumn vibes, until I was contacted by Ecosusi.

Ecosusi is a vintage inspired fashion company who strive to create high quality products that combine vintage and modern styling into one timeless and unique product. Originally starting with just bags, they now sell shoes, hats and clothes all inspired by the 1950s but using modern innovation, methods and flares. They strive to be a vegan company with no animal products in any of their items. The vegan leather used is made from polyurethane, a polymer, and also from sustainable materials. Although their products are manufactured and made in China, they are designed by designers all over the world. Ecosusi very kindly reached out to me to offer me a bag which I was super excited to test out for you all.

Miss MonMon reviews the Women’s Vintage Bow Small Suitcase from Ecosusi.

I received the ‘Women’s Vintage Bow Small Briefcase‘ in brown which was a charming little bag that I fell in love with straight away. Ecosusi describes this briefcase as a “high-quality satchel purse is designed uniquely and crafted with the finest quality PU leather and vintage retro stuff that usually suffers minimal wear & tear”. Since it’s made of PU leather, it’s 100% eco-friendly and easy to care for. It features a simple yet stylish removable bow decoration at the top as well as a detachable shoulder strap so you can use it for multiple carrying purposes such as cross body bags or a small briefcase.

Its expandable organizer features make it a perfect choice for modern traveling as it has the central zip slot pocket for mobile devices, organized small items like wallet, lipstick, keys, cards, and others. The bag measures 10.6″ long, 7.9″ high and 3.5″ wide. The shoulder strap measures 23″-29.3″ drop from the shoulder. The bag is designed suited for work, business, travel, shopping and more; personally I found it could fit several books and an iPad in it so I would take it to university if I was still studying.

Miss MonMon reviews the Women’s Vintage Bow Small Suitcase from Ecosusi.
Miss MonMon reviews the Women’s Vintage Bow Small Suitcase from Ecosusi.

This bag was an absolute dream and really easy, practical and comfortable to use throughout the day. Whilst taking it out for many occasions, I found it that using it, taking things in and out and using the zips all felt pretty easy to do. I know some briefcase bags can feel a little tight and stiff but it wasn’t the case with this one. I think the little bow design on the front is super cute and a lovely little feminine feature; it gives the bag a unique point which makes it more fun to style and incorporate into your own personal aesthetic. The bag retails for $55.99 (USD) and comes in five colours; brown, red, blue, yellow and black.

The bag arrived within about 2 weeks of it’s departure which is right on the money given the worlds current state. I’m really impressed with Ecosusi and their products; they are great value for money, they have wonderful ethics but they were also very kind and lovely to chat with and work with. I will definitely be using this bag for many years and it makes me miss my old briefcase bag that I used whilst living in Dublin. I look forward to seeing more products from this company and watching them grow. A special thank you to Ecosusi for reaching out to offer me such an exciting collaboration.

Find Ecosusi here.

Miss MonMon reviews the Women’s Vintage Bow Small Suitcase from Ecosusi.
Miss MonMon reviews the Women’s Vintage Bow Small Suitcase from Ecosusi.

Outfit details:
Top: Dangerfield
Skirt: Timeless London
Cardigan: MAK
For a discount of 40% off at checkout, use code YEMAK-Monmon
Brooch: Luxulite
Shoes: Miss L Fire


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