Erstwilder X Hello Kitty Halloween Collection

After a bit of a mini break, I am beyond excited to be back on the Erstwilder train and have the chance to share with you all my favourite pieces from their upcoming collections. You may recall that a little while ago Erstwilder released a Hello Kitty collection which was super cute and adorable. Well, just in time for the spooky season, Erstwilder has once again come together with everyones feline friend and are releasing a Halloween collection. It’s very exciting to be apart of this release as the first collection is certainly one of my favourites so far. Today I will be sharing this collection with you but of course, you will need to head to Erstwilder or one of their stockists if you wish to purchase an item (I do not sell them).

As soon as August comes to an end, I start putting pumpkins all around my house because they are just too cute (and delicious). When I first saw the Hello Kitty pumpkin brooch it made me happy squeal and it’s become my favourite piece of the whole collection. I love her little leaf hat and of course, her green vine legs! All the resin in this collection is plain so there is no glitter, shimmer or sparkly resin. It really suits the Hello Kitty brand and style.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder X Hello Kitty Pumpkin brooch. 2021.

The go-to Halloween for many is the witch so of course, Hello Kitty get’s her moment in the witchy sun too. The colours in this brooch are really cute and I love the pops of purple, pink and lavender as it really suits the cute and spooky vibe of this collection. This brooch is very cute and I will definitely be wearing it during the spooky season because how could I not?

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder X Hello Kitty Witch brooch. 2021.

After recently seeing Dracula the ballet, I now have my love for vampires re-sparked and can express that love in this super cute Hello Kitty vampire brooch. I think the cute little bow on her bat hat is beyond adorable and a great little detail. Seeing as Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth, there is a lack of cute little fangs but I think the brooch still translates well enough to be understood and loved.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder X Hello Kitty Vampire brooch. 2021.

The final brooch I will be sharing is the ridiculously adorable Frankenstein’s monster brooch. With big zombie vibes, I think there’s something really sweet about the bolts sticking out of Hello Kitty’s head. Yeah, I know that sounds weird but the whole brooch is just very very cute. As a fellow literature nerd, I’ve always enjoyed the story of Frankenstein and his creature so this brooch is a great way to share a bit of horror story appreciation whilst staying cute.

Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder X Hello Kitty Frankenstein’s monster brooch. 2021.

This collection features 6 brooches in total but also includes all brooches in pin form for those who prefer a pin to a brooch. The enamel is, as always, of high quality and the artwork is very cute.

With the start of spooky season approaching, I’m already starting to add cinnamon to everything and have the urge to cover every surface in my house with pumpkins. This collection is a great way to kick off the spooky season whilst still remaining cute and fun. I will definitely be wearing these pieces as I start embracing all things Halloween which makes me very happy. A huge thank you again to Erstwilder who have been so supportive and understanding during my mini break; it’s so lovely to be apart of your family and participate in these collection releases with you. If you are wanting a piece from this collection, go and check out the Erstwilder website and shop your favourites before they are gone forever.
Do you have a favourite piece from this collection?


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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